Why has the paranormal dried up so badly?

When we speak of Television and radio programing, we often revert back and look at how long the particular series and or reality show has lasted. The first thing many see is how many episodes the individual show has had.

When I myself first started doing radio, our first gig was on 106.5 F.M I was the program manager and producer of the hit show “The Super Unknown” during that time  young new radio show hosts were popping up all over the world what seemed like daily. It seemed then that a new ambition was born and people were enjoying the paranormal aspects of the entertainment world it had became for good reasons.

As I and many others take that deeper look at what the paranormal has become today, we see a slowing progress, basically derailed by all the negative things that people have done.

One has to assume to much of a good thing can sometimes end rather quickly. Another wards one show may not last, even though it has been aired for years. So are those bottom feeders to blame?.

For those that have been doing shows for a very long time, we have seen several declines in shows and perhaps based on our own observations, it has been because of so many individual scammers inside this so called paranormal entertainment world. We have seen alleged scammers such as Ryan Daniel Buell With his events. There has been Other event organizers, who pocketed event money. Psychics busted for fraud, yah you know the deal there.

I can remember before interviewing a guest, and he or she may have either had a ghost story to share or a book she or he may have had written. The individual guest was not trying always to get a movie deal, or to fabricate there story for money and or greed, like we have seen in last few years. Perhaps that is why people are losing interest and in a huge way?

Some have said the people meaning well, have been overrun by the said negativity by others. Have we not seen it all over social media? I feel they may be right. So ask your selves, is there a spiritual war going on around the world. Why is it the paranormal has so many flaws and so much bickering, fighting and evil still within its own ranks? is it good versus evil?

The bible talks about good and evil :Romans 12:21″Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Just perhaps, we as A collective audience should maybe try living by the word of god more often.

Final conclusion, is that Ultimately though, I think ghost stories are popular for a number of reasons.  Firstly, they help us explore our own anxieties about our mortality and the afterlife (or lack thereof).  It can be somewhat therapeutic for many people to talk about the existence of ghosts as some sort of proof of the enduring nature of human consciousness after death.  But in reality, in our society, I imagine most of it has to do with fun.  We enjoy being scared in a safe, and ultimately non-threatening way.  This is why we watch horror movies.  When the paranormal stopped being fun, the listening base started to decline.



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