Who will be the focus of paranormal scamming this coming 2018?

2017 opened with a huge bang and didn’t bother disappointing the entire year. We went from one source to the next, with a rapid flow of eposes. The past 12 months have what some are saying  to be one of the biggest scandals recorded to date. Both in the Hollywood sector and also privately.

With people such as Hollywood’s bad boy paranormal wise(Ryan Daniel Buell) his announcement of being drug addicted and then comes information of his arrests for assault and unlawful use of motor vehicle. The stories just kept coming.

We had scammers actually arrested for swindling money from there psychic clients. We had event owners and entertainment companies Paranormal wise  fold, because they either didn’t pay there guests or vented venue holders or were being accused for such..

There was A huge scandal involving ghost equipment, with Masimmo Rossi, that sparked outrage throughout the paranormal community here and over seas as well.


“Masimmo Rossi, GhostArc CEO, threatens to sue it’s customers for embezzlement for demanding their refunds back and not sending product back at customers expense. No matter what the situation is in specific regards to this produce, customers, who have ordered their GhostArc product, are demanding their money back. They have refused to send back the product claiming that the company wants them to pay for shipping.
After GhostArk went public with this statement, the customers, who had been either scammed, cheated or let us say had been given faulty equipment, started amounting comments into the GhostArk pages.
When this device was in development I was extremely excited to see the details of this device, the form factor is gorgeous and it appeared to be the next big thing. However, when the details of the tech were released I was not excited any longer. The dials light up in a Blue color and the device,from the outside looks great. It was no surprise, when the promises were being stalled and the shipments were delayed, that there happened to be a Red flag, from the very beginning.

There was even the Rocky Constantino story,where she received no said jail time for her alleged crimes.


In late September, we learned of  the funeral of murdered domestic violence victim  lara Michele Muscolino.


More scandals involving ex-Paranormal States Star. Sergey Pomberezhny .


Sergey Poberezhny made his mark in the world of entertainment when he acted on “Paranormal State” (A&E Network, 2007-2011. Sergey co-starred with Ryan Daniel Buell, as they went in search of demons and infiltrated themselves into peoples homes  documenting paranormal phenomena
Together they created the PRS society.

Former business partner comes forward and the learning of ex states star buells drug addiction.


What ever the said drama, what ever the said case may have been, they definitely kept this paper busy this year. We sincerely hope, that the new 2018 year presents a better picture paranormal wise for folks.

Always remember, where there are crooks, there are also writers willing to step outside there comforts to assist the crook in becoming well known. Always remember If your A crook, you might be written about.




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