While millions watch Solar Eclipse, Nasa sends Bacteria into earths atmosphere by ways of balloons as experiment.

As millions hoped to get a two minuet glimpse at a Solar Eclipse. Freeways were flooded with traffic, campgrounds were full and hotels were solidly full. Now there is news that just perhaps the United States government used this solar eclipse to once again test its people on. Some news sources, have reported that Nasa had released some form of bacteria into the earths stratosphere by ways of air balloons. The greatest questions come to play and that is why just during an event as this eclipse? was it because around the nation there would be millions of folks,or was it to watch the solar eclipse for its citizens?

Teams across the U.S. will release about 100 balloons during the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse. They’ll float around 85,000 feet in the air, and each balloon will have cameras for video and photos, as well as a tracker.

It is being said that at some point the balloons will pop and the said bacteria will then fall to the earths floor. The problem with playing with bacteria and any sort of bacterial substance, it can spread and or create a different mutant type strain of bacteria and even create a pandemic that could kill and or sicken millions of people.


The upper part of Earth’s stratosphere has conditions very similar to Mars’ atmosphere at the surface. There, the air is thin, and the environment is cold and full of radiation. During the eclipse, Earth’s atmospheric conditions will become even more like Mars. At least that is the said reasoning for the ploy of balloons and said bacteria.

Paranormal Herald”

Some great questions have been raised, as to what bacteria and  how does it effect the people it encounters. Some citizens have said and stated it feels like our government is playing god with its people, much like that of the Vietnam war, where agents such as Agent Orange was used on there own people for experimentation.



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