UFO Housewife Sacha Christie and Show host David Young causing lots of UK bad Paranormal drama.

UFO Housewife Sacha Christie and Show host David Young causing lots of UK bad drama.This could be no further from the actual truth.What is it with some people,you might want to ask?Has the mental ward,just released another round of the mentally insane?

I love,when people use faked links to try to sell there story,and when people post fake links. It simply means,they are no researchers and are to damned lazy to look up the said truth.So they randomly post what ever negative info,they can find.This is suspicious as to any sort of research they bring forward.If they are trying to expose someone,just how much true credibility do they have then?

What is even worse?and if you don’t agree with these people, they resort to slamming people and posting screen shots of conversations, but happen to leave out their part in it. One would think a person would need to get a life that was outside the paranormal world and step into reality.they do not though,they remain in A fog and continue the same daily grind,they did before all the said drama.

In specific regards to Ufo housewife Sacha Christie,always be on the lookout for her and do be careful about her,as we have seen first hand how she does things.If you want to be A victim be her friend.

Friendship is a source of happiness and support, but can also be at the root of stress and drama in your life. To avoid drama with friends, it’s important to evaluate all of your friendships and make whatever changes are necessary, whether that means leaving behind toxic friends, communicating more effectively, or confronting your own shortcomings.

Paranormal Herald:

What this article is about, is drama,way to much of it exists. The UK seems to be no different then any other place. It is everywhere.To be honest I will not stand for it. It is like A bunch of fourth graders fighting and bickering,but achieving absolutely nothing.

In the field the paranormal,this includes Bigfoot and UFO research and the like,there is always going to be drama ridden stories of people,who seem like well, maybe they had just escaped from the mental ward.This is something,that needs to change.

 This is the main reason why many walk away from the paranormal over the drama and the fake stuff.people get tired of seeing it.others simply do not care to have there day ruined by idiots fighting over social media.

One of the main reasons why people walk away from the paranormal is due to people and how they seem to portray themselves and others.One trying to get over on the other.One trying to make money at all costs or simply trying to be famous.Even if means destroying someone else’s own rep,cause they do not have one per say.







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