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True Haunting,the story that keeps giving!

12/02/2016 One of the most famous cases ever recorded, is indeed “True Haunting” of Edwin F Becker.The book has out performed in 3 different countries and has continued to enlighten the paranormal community. It is a story that just simply keeps giving. True Haunting is the most reviewed and highest rated ghost story in the … Continue reading

Meet The Beckers.True Haunting and True Haunting 2, Stories that inspired the first live exorcism on NBC

Throughout the years,there has been numerous haunted books written,ghost stories and stories what they say are true hauntings. The Beckers have a story, that shocked the nation.Their story is one that was told first in Chicago on NBC in 1971. In the 1970s when it was still very much taboo to talk about ghosts one … Continue reading

The Paranormal Herald will be proudly announcing up and coming shows, for the newest show Paranormal Static.

Please welcome my friend and the newest host Jan Reynolds, to a very new show “Paranormal Static.The show is a spiritually based radio program. All things paranormal will be discussed. It has been sometime, since I personally was on the air, however maybe two gifted people can enter the paranormal realm and once again, deliver … Continue reading