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State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges,

State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges reads the title, but where were they when Buell allegedly scammed perhaps hundreds of thousands of people? Where was any body when people and others were being cheated and or scammed out of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars? Ryan Daniel Buell, … Continue reading

Former business associate Chad Calek comes forward about Ryan Daniel Buell accuses Buell of being a drug addict.

In a recent response from a long time business associate and former partner to A&E reality star Ryan Buell,Chad Calek shares his open thoughts on the once popular reality shows star.According to recent responses,he states he has had no contact in two years other then on two separate instances where Buell stated he missed him. … Continue reading


When news broke, the Paranormal world was shocked, saddened and even bewildered. The news on channel  11 in Raleigh North Carolina, truly broke the story on live television.It was a story of alleged fraud,deception and of course utter BS Before we continue with this story,please note the ticket refund  policy and please do be alarmed. … Continue reading

Ryan Daniel Buel blames Internationally known psychic Chip Coffey,for his failed paranormal events in Canada.

What does one say with someone, who believes their own lies?Ryan Buel openly states that folks have been paid back? then if this is so,why are there folks complaining about not getting their money back?.There happens to be no less then 50 some complaints, just on one of Ryans pages from folks who were cheated … Continue reading

Long time alleged scammer,Ryan Buel announces new Paranormal event, is selling tickets again.

Ryan Daniel Buel, former star of “Paranormal State” is back in the news tonight.He announced just hours ago,his newest event.It may be anyone’s guess why just anybody may want to book any show with this man, either they are ignorant of his alleged scams or they endorse them? An article published inside the Paranormal Herald … Continue reading

Ryan Daniel Buel, uses gaming game called Paranormal State to gain friends and folks into paranormal States PRS

http://abc7ny.com/entertainment/ghost-hunter-buell-friend-speaks-out/229079/ New information has filtered in, in regards to the once popular A&E Paranormal States star Ryan Daniel Buel. There has been special talks around the community, that Buel is trying to gain sympathetic supporters and once again build his  new P.R.S. Truth to the matter, the desperate seems a must for the ex-star, that … Continue reading