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Amazing James Randy,1 million challenge,stepping down,did he ever have a million dollars for a challenge?

There has always been some scrutiny itself,concerning The Amazing  James Randi.First of all I don’t know anything to special about the man. As long as I have been around,we have never ever seen any such scientific proof that there was ever a fund of any type, concerning any such account,that there was  a million dollars,that … Continue reading

Sharon Hill,Doubtfull News,does not believe in ghosts,skeptic,runs paranormal research group A.R.S

How many times in the past year,have you came across a phony? someone who has scammed others inside the paranormal field?. There is one such person that should be mentioned indeed.Sharon Hill,she is the owner and editor of Doubtful News.They are skeptics,hell bent on proving anything paranormal does not exist.Isn’t this like proving God don’t … Continue reading

Sharon Hill of Doubtful News,gets caught writing false news article,Paranormal Herald responds adequately.

In an article written by that ever present, skeptic and misinformed blogger site. Doubtful News.The Paranormal Herald wrote to them and asked to have an article either changed or removed. Inside the initial email,that was sent from myself(Evan Jensen),we informed the Doubtful news sites, that their article written in 2014, was misinforming folks of the … Continue reading