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Why are paranormal people,being targeted by cons?

Paranormal cons are no different then the stuff you step in and wished you had not.truth to the matter is inside the paranormal,we are dealing with so many types of people,such as the elderly,people who may have suffered some sort of paranormal haunting?maybe even the types of people,who can be vulnerable to on line scammers. … Continue reading

Holly Staples-fraust responds to the Paranormal Herald, Buel must be concerned ? PART(2)

After the paranormal Herald was given and ultimatum,by the New P.R.S last night, we saw also several attacks from a faked profile https://www.facebook.com/opal.donte?fref=ufi&pnref=story. These guys inside Ryan Daniel Buel’s brand new P.R.S. are nothing less then his baboons trying to intimidate a writer from posting articles.The Heralds articles are nothing short of the truth. They (P.R.S)found … Continue reading