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State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges,

State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges reads the title, but where were they when Buell allegedly scammed perhaps hundreds of thousands of people? Where was any body when people and others were being cheated and or scammed out of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars? Ryan Daniel Buell, … Continue reading

Ryan Buel the devil in South Carolina,was arrested on 09/18/2016

“Paranormal State” star Ryan Buell has been arrested for felony theft charges. Buell was arrested on September 18 in South Carolina and is currently being held in the Florence County Jail on a detainer from Pennsylvania. Dianne Wilson, Troubleshooter, breaks the news. Buell claims to be a paranormal expert and appeared on the cable TV series … Continue reading


When news broke, the Paranormal world was shocked, saddened and even bewildered. The news on channel  11 in Raleigh North Carolina, truly broke the story on live television.It was a story of alleged fraud,deception and of course utter BS Before we continue with this story,please note the ticket refund  policy and please do be alarmed. … Continue reading

Ryan Buel,still claiming he is sick to defraud paranormal public

Paranormal State’s Ryan Daniel (Denial) Buell is claiming he is sick in what seems to be an attempt to fraud the paranormal public.  He refuses to answer specific refund requests even to this very day. Amy Greenwald has asked repeatedly for her said refund to be issued, but Mr. Buell never replied to her requests. … Continue reading

Sergey Poberezhny,Right hand man to Paranormal States Ryan Daniel Buel Dodging Picture Book Orders.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Darkside Dark Secrets can not be held accountable for other parties information. Evan Jensen Sergey Poberezhny,Right hand man to Paranormal States,Ryan Daniel Buel,dodges new … Continue reading

An Evening with Ryan Buell from A&E’s “PARANORMAL STATE” and Robb Demarest from SYFY’s “GHOST HUNTERS”

In a recent page announcement Robb Damarest, is said to be teaming up with Ryan Daniel Buel.Apparently their is no shame in Robbs game. http://thestatetheatre.org/an-evening-with-ryan-buell-from-aes-paranormal-state-and-robb-demarest-from-syfys-ghost-hunters/ Q: What happed to Robb Demarest, who was the main person on “Ghost Hunters International” for the past few years? The nature of Robb Demarest’s departure from the series he … Continue reading

Because Ryan Daniel Buel, is having more paranormal events after 2 years, folks need to be reminded of the origional mis dealings that got the man twice on Dianne Wilson’s Trouble Shooter news. Also a peek inside the new events scheduled.

Long time Paranormal States event coordinator and founder.Ryan Daniel Buel is back in the spotlight.After Ryan Buel  started making the news in his own prior home town with Dianne Wilson’s channel 11 news. http://abc11.com/entertainment/troubleshooter-buell-friend-speaks-out/226669/ For those that did not get their refunds from either the prior field trip 15 and the events that were to … Continue reading

Ryan Daniel Buel, uses gaming game called Paranormal State to gain friends and folks into paranormal States PRS

http://abc7ny.com/entertainment/ghost-hunter-buell-friend-speaks-out/229079/ New information has filtered in, in regards to the once popular A&E Paranormal States star Ryan Daniel Buel. There has been special talks around the community, that Buel is trying to gain sympathetic supporters and once again build his  new P.R.S. Truth to the matter, the desperate seems a must for the ex-star, that … Continue reading

Ex-paranormal States Sergey Poberezhyny,releases new photo book,in and attempt to help rebuild Paranormal States P.R.S

There are things in life that seem to follow us around like the plague. They linger, stay around for ever, but we wished they would simply dry up and wash away. Unfortunately, even though we wish things would change they seldom do. The news that broke the camels back of the once famous P.R.S.  http://abc11.com/entertainment/troubleshooter-buell-friend-speaks-out/226669/ … Continue reading

Holly Staples-fraust responds to the Paranormal Herald, Buel must be concerned ? PART(2)

After the paranormal Herald was given and ultimatum,by the New P.R.S last night, we saw also several attacks from a faked profile https://www.facebook.com/opal.donte?fref=ufi&pnref=story. These guys inside Ryan Daniel Buel’s brand new P.R.S. are nothing less then his baboons trying to intimidate a writer from posting articles.The Heralds articles are nothing short of the truth. They (P.R.S)found … Continue reading