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Are you being harassed by the spirits of evil people?Inherent Evil of Man

Are you being harassed by the spirits of evil people?sometimes people are far more evil then what some call the spirits of evil people. Another wards the evil of the living is far worse then the after life. Inherent Evil of Man.Voltaire once quoted As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to … Continue reading

Rosalind Hennigar queen of the damned, returns to sex stores Irotica, sex gender revealed at last.

What is it about celebrity stalkers, or to be a little more polite followers.They no matter how bad a reputation the said paranormal celebrity has, they cling to them like their long lost pals?This is the story of some one who thinks even they are a celebrity, but are truly a celebrity in their own … Continue reading

Rosalind makes threats of placing satanic curse on host of Beyond The Edge Of Reality.

There is one thing, one power to the hire that I will ever fear. I always say trust in the lord savior, for he cures all illness, he watches over ones soul. I have no belief in any said hexes, or satanic curses. They can only overpower you only if you were to believe in … Continue reading

Rosalind Hennigars research does not seem to be very good. Posts lies and fabricated facts about Evan Jensen.

It was a hot damned day yesterday. It was hard to sleep. I awoke this morning early, when finally falling to sleep. I was sent a screenshot of our  occultist friend Rosalind Hennigar.One thing tickled me as I had to laugh, she is using another mans terms and words to try to make a point. … Continue reading

Rosalind Hennigar, sure loves Ryan Daniel Buel part(2)

I sort of figured Rosalind Hennigar, would see my blog and not be to happy or pleased. We really did not care if she was or not? what we did want was and actual answer, as to why such a person would even support a man, (Ryan Danil Buel) when she knew he did steal … Continue reading

Rosalind Hennigar, sure loves Ryan Daniel Buel.

Throughout many months,we have seen a woman named Rosalind Hennigar, be all lovey dovey over the now fallen paranormal star Ryan Daniel Buel. It is just so sickening to see this woman support Buel for all the wrong doing he has done. Need I remind folks just exactly what he did do? Rosalind Hennigar has … Continue reading