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State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges,

State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges reads the title, but where were they when Buell allegedly scammed perhaps hundreds of thousands of people? Where was any body when people and others were being cheated and or scammed out of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars? Ryan Daniel Buell, … Continue reading

And inside look, The Paranormal Heralds best articles of 2015,2016.

As the Paranormal Herald reaches a new mile stone of reporting and articles written,we wanted to reflect and take a much closer look at the best articles of 2015 and 2016.The following articles were the best or had received the most views in specific regards to articles written.This will be a 4 part series,as so … Continue reading

We will not be bullied by psychopathic house wives, common ordinary day paranormal sociopaths and or criminals associated within the Paranormal Field.

I always have to take a step back and realize,that the paranormal world brings out damned near every sociopath there is,or it at least sure may seem like it does. In reality,as some times it may hit us smack dab in our own faces,we have all seen on line fighting, bickering and people who just … Continue reading

Facebook Restricts Free speech And Sends Out Harsh Punishments To Millions Of Facebook Users. Still Allows Isis To Behead People And Show It On Their Sites.

Facebook this morning asked me, “what was on your mind”,so I wanted to let them know,since I had awaken to a message from Facebook on my wall  asking:”What is on your mind”? First of all this article is paranormal related,because in the past six months,we have seen more Paranormal minded friends blocked,then ever before.We voice … Continue reading

I may be terminally ill,but there is still fire in my Chilli

Some one once told me,never give up,never surrender to some one else and their demands. Stay strong in your beliefs and never explain yourself to any one. – Vincent Van Gogh”Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” – Vince Lombardi”“The difference between a successful … Continue reading

Is paranormal unity just a dream?

Is paranormal unity just a dream? It never fails to amaze me just how much drama is brought into the paranormal field as a whole. Too many times I have seen groups part because one person felt the ghost of Grandpa Joe said “dead” and not “red”. I mean really people? I have been in … Continue reading

Researchers confirm site of hangings for Salem witch trials,matter of time before ghost researchers head to site to do their EVP work

Channel(2)news reports that a dedicated team of historians, has uncovered where they say they found the exact spot, that 19 innocent people were hung during the Salem Witch trials. Twenty people suspected of witchcraft were killed in Salem in 1692 during a frenzy stoked by superstition, fear of disease and strangers, and petty jealousies. Nineteen … Continue reading

In light of recent bullshit! words from the editor

There is not what one person may say,in the paranormal their seems to be some of the most crazy folks ever known.It is the direction of the this paper,that motivates it’s articles. you will see and hear some pretty ridiculous claims,but in the end there is quite obviously and audience that makes this paper worth … Continue reading

Holly Staples-fraust responds to the Paranormal Herald, Buel must be concerned ? PART(2)

After the paranormal Herald was given and ultimatum,by the New P.R.S last night, we saw also several attacks from a faked profile https://www.facebook.com/opal.donte?fref=ufi&pnref=story. These guys inside Ryan Daniel Buel’s brand new P.R.S. are nothing less then his baboons trying to intimidate a writer from posting articles.The Heralds articles are nothing short of the truth. They (P.R.S)found … Continue reading

Oregon Psychic given 8 years.

Psychic Rachel lee was no different then any other psychic, living off her wages and earnings that  she made from her psychic clinic.  In appearance she seemed like everyone else, but there was something  more sinister and very troubling about her. According to prosecutors, the scheme began 10 years ago when Ralph Raines Jr., now 67, … Continue reading