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Alleged Thailand ghost picture surfacing as the real deal,but doubtful.

A awful lot of articles have been written by either some over active imagination,or they truly feel that these and some other images may be actually spirits leaving the body,but it does not look like anything I would consider to be as such evidence. Concerning the departure of the soul from the body.  Medically speaking … Continue reading

Patrick Wilson Conjuring 2’s say’s Horror Film’s Set Was Plagued by Paranormal Activity

With a lot of cheap plays to scare the audiences and to bring greater revenue to the said film The Conjuring,there comes also allegations and alleged statements made that the conjuring’s Patrick Wilson, experienced paranormal activity while filming on set. As scary as “The Conjuring” is on the big screen, the filmmakers say the most … Continue reading

Femme Force say’s they do not trash talk folks,First thing they do, is trash talk folks.

I felt this was coming,even more trash talking from the wonder twins over at Femme Force. The Paranormal Herald,has well reached over 2 million viewers,and that these old mean ass ninny’s can just salivate over it.. lesson learned “just days ago we asked that our names,please be left out of their very vulgar pie holes,but … Continue reading

Baby Doe,killed by boyfriend,who say’s child was possessed by demons.

Notes from the editor. When a mentally ill person begins to talk about other people being “possessed by demons” is that a red flag?Is this a common delusion among schizophrenics? Is it a warning?.People with schizophrenics often suffer from intense and irrational bouts of paranoia. I recall a case study from a psychology course I … Continue reading

El Aterrador Caso del Demonio Volador “Mothman” videos de terror fantasmas vida real HD 2015

Published on Jan 16, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz-PLx8Brwo Este fue mi primer video de terror y el primero en subir, espero que lo disfruten y si les gusta, no duden en darle like y suscribirse. ►Suscribete: http://bit.ly/1E8ShT0 ►Sigueme en google+ → http://bit.ly/1wh

Florida man kills imaginary friend, not to happy with M.R Happy!

Florida resident Geof Gaylord walked into the Florida authorities and pleaded for the death penalty. He went on to give his statements that he killed his imaginary friend M.R. Happy.Apparently Geof was not to happy about M.R happy, because he was sloppy, would not clean up after himself and left many messes around their home. … Continue reading

Images of cloaked figure,spreads panic in small Gastonia town.Mystery solved part 2

Mystery solved? Story behind cloaked figure is simplya student.After gaining all the facts, the Paranormal Herald can now retire this silly article as another sim understood hoax or at the least. The mystery is been solved. The original article.http://wp.me/p62Mm9-iY GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) – It looks like the mystery may be solved about a photo circulating … Continue reading