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Rehmeyer’s Hollow Hex Murder House” folklore persists for more than 80 years

WGAL news reporter reports on the Rehmeyer’s Hollow.The hollow is named for Nelson Rehmeyer, the man who lived in a small, two-story wooden house, tucked away in the woods of an area now known as Spring Valley Park. The house still stands today. It’s the place Nelson was murdered on Nov. 27, 1928. http://www.wgal.com/entertainment/tales-of-witchcraft-spells-murder-surround-rehmeyers-hollow/35745766 Three members … Continue reading

At least Ami Bruni agrees Steven Huff,is a fame seeker,Steven Huff, attempts to speak with the deceased Debbi Constantino .

There is nothing worse, then trying to cash in,when some one is been murdered.Our hearts go out to Debbie Constantino. Self proclaimed E.V.P expert Steven Huff, has decided to try to speak with the deceased Constantino’s,what he is trying to do is promote his ghost application the C.D-1. https://www.facebook.com/AmyBruniGhostHunter?fref=ts Ami Bruni on her Facebook page, … Continue reading