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Paranormals own Rhonda Kathryn Fulmer-Lazaroff,gets scammed out of house

Paranormal s own Rhonda Kathryn Fulmer-Lazaroff gets scammed out of house.Yes it does seem a lot of good folks get scammed even outside of the paranormal world.This is Rhonda’s story! Rhonda Lazaroth,was happy to be joining her new home and a better family life.She  was unctuously awaiting to move and relocate to a house to … Continue reading

David Roundtree speaks out against leslie jobe Shelton, but had just merely a few words to say.

Leslie Jobe Shelton speaks out against David Roundtree. It is what is inside the article written by Leslie Jobe Shelton, that The Paranormal Herald has asked folks to read. The Paranormal Herald,does it’s very best to remain neutral and simply report the facts. The allegations and  alleged responses to have happened are purely supplied 3rd … Continue reading

In light of recent bullshit! words from the editor

There is not what one person may say,in the paranormal their seems to be some of the most crazy folks ever known.It is the direction of the this paper,that motivates it’s articles. you will see and hear some pretty ridiculous claims,but in the end there is quite obviously and audience that makes this paper worth … Continue reading