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Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal to appear on Paranormal Lockdown Jan 20th,2017

It has been announced that Steve Huff of Huff  Paranormal, will be guest appearing on Paranormal lockdown Jan 20th on TLC. Steve had made the suggested statements just today. Even though Steve has had some scrutiny over the past speaking to dead celebrities through ways of ghost boxing, he did have one clear and supportive statement, … Continue reading

Old lavacca County Jail Producing Serious Paranormal Activity

We have seen over and over many times well said, the specific names of the famed haunted locations people tend to visit.The all to familiar names come to mind and thought day after day,but what about a disclosed location,that has recently brought to light enough evidence to make any paranormal enthusiast want to visit this … Continue reading

NBA”S Justise Winslow say’s there was ghostly happenings at hotel room.

Justise  Winslow was not the first but actually the second player to experience something defined as a ghost at the Skirvin Hilton hotel.The second-year player on the Heat said he saw his bathroom door moving on its own while he was in the shower at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel.  They also made complaints,that the facet turned … Continue reading

PRS Now Doing Little To Defend Their Hero Ryan Daniel Buell

It was  just a few days ago, September 18 Th that definitely  defined and marked a date and day in history,where most of the paranormal world and the basic public had seen an announcement from several news sources.It was the arrest of a paranormal celebrity Ryan Daniel Buell. After 2 years,questions were all the sudden … Continue reading

Ryan Buell,tells Pennsylvania court,he is a full time student and does not make money.Asks for public defender.

On September 18,2016.Paranormal reality star Ryan Daniel Buell was arrested in his own home town of South Carolina.He(Buell) was then extradited back to Pennsylvania on the 21 st to answer charges. Buell even though seen playing on his gaming web site Twitch and asking and receiving donations,ended up applying to the courts as an indigent … Continue reading

Deuche bag Zak Bagans writes in his new book,says David Oman is posessed

Zak Bagan visited the Oman house,what he say’s he found was disturbing to him.It truly seemed like what he(Zak) wrote,was equally disturbing to his fans, readers and supporters. Zak Bagans apparently, while being a guest at his (David Oman’s) house had placed a  3 x 2 x 1 inch hole in his theater room.There is … Continue reading