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State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges,

State College.com writes about Ryan Daniel Buell.’Paranormal State’ Star Arrested on Felony Theft Charges reads the title, but where were they when Buell allegedly scammed perhaps hundreds of thousands of people? Where was any body when people and others were being cheated and or scammed out of perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars? Ryan Daniel Buell, … Continue reading

Shocking, but not surprising,Ryan Buell’s apartment burns rather suddenly?

Just today,we saw that the once popular A&E paranormal star.Ryan Daniel Buell had been showing folks that his newly accommodated apartment has been burned.A video he,himself took showed that their was a fire. What was not stated,was how the apparent fire started. Any specific details were not mentioned over social media ,other then Buells own … Continue reading

The nightmare they have become.Sergey and Ryan Buell evicted from home on 08/24/2016 just 3 days before ghost hunt and Black Tie birthday party.

Just 3 days before a well known  paranormal celebrity had announced final staged plans for his birthday celebration and a two day ghost hunt.People were excited to hear that they may be able to see the one time popular Ryan Daniel Buell. The event page that was created had written directions for those taking public … Continue reading


Oops, He did it again! There is a big red flag out there in the paranormal community and it’s name is Ryan Buell, former super star in the paranormal community of the hit TV series, Paranormal State. We have received information from some very angry fans, perhaps the last of them that Ryan again, charged … Continue reading


When news broke, the Paranormal world was shocked, saddened and even bewildered. The news on channel  11 in Raleigh North Carolina, truly broke the story on live television.It was a story of alleged fraud,deception and of course utter BS Before we continue with this story,please note the ticket refund  policy and please do be alarmed. … Continue reading

Ex “ Paranormal State” star, Ryan Daniel Buell, plans on returning to Canada among prior event planning disaster..

04/18/2016 Ex “ Paranormal State” star, Ryan Daniel Buell, plans on returning to Canada among prior event planning disaster..  This may be true,  or it may be Buell’s way of getting attention.  Whatever the case,  he may be returning  to Canada but do Canadian people want him back in the very same place he was … Continue reading

Ryan Buel,still claiming he is sick to defraud paranormal public

Paranormal State’s Ryan Daniel (Denial) Buell is claiming he is sick in what seems to be an attempt to fraud the paranormal public.  He refuses to answer specific refund requests even to this very day. Amy Greenwald has asked repeatedly for her said refund to be issued, but Mr. Buell never replied to her requests. … Continue reading

Is Ghostark sending faulty equipment,or simply just scamming the Paranormal public?

The Paranormal Herald,has tried to reach out to Ghostark,concerning the over alarming amount of angry folks in the U.K, Australia and the United States. According to customers’ post on GhostArk’s Facebook page, the device is dogged with technical problems and poor workmanship.  Many reporting poor quality screens, buttons that don’t work properly and problems inserting … Continue reading

Femme Force say’s they do not trash talk folks,First thing they do, is trash talk folks.

I felt this was coming,even more trash talking from the wonder twins over at Femme Force. The Paranormal Herald,has well reached over 2 million viewers,and that these old mean ass ninny’s can just salivate over it.. lesson learned “just days ago we asked that our names,please be left out of their very vulgar pie holes,but … Continue reading

Femeforce Is Producing Serious Paranormal Drama,Uses Said Author Phil sirracusa Over Alleged Movie And Or Book Allegations,Gets Fired From Haunted Horsefly Chronicles Case part 1

Disclaimer: all allegations made on this e-paper are alleged and assumed to be what is the truth,based on said forwarded information and suggested evidence.The Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for the printing of said information. In the past three days the Paranormal world was awakened to  major issues inside the paranormal community.It was … Continue reading