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850.00 dollars buys you an online remote exorcism with these people.?

There are many contributing factors that leads to criminal behavior such as the economy, social environment, family, mental disorders etc. A criminal is someone who has committed a crime or broken the law. Anyone and everyone can become a criminal. Deviant behavior is seen everywhere in the world today. The Paranormal world is no different. I take solace in focusing … Continue reading

Sandy Jaconetta Jones is also known as Lisa Langelier, psychic faith healer,abuses elderly man,devastated his marriage.Now updated again

Just days ago we learned of a woman named Sandy Jaconetta Jones,a self proclaimed faith healer and psychic.Their is little known about this woman, other then she used her status on social media to lure an older man. Daniel E.Pheran Jr to a married woman.The issues at hand, are that Daniel Pheran is a married … Continue reading