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Mother accused of killing daughter,say’s daughter was possessed.Shoves crucifix down own daughters throat.

Juanita Gomez, 50 was formidably charged with killing her biological daughter,by shoving a cross down her throat.As police questioned Juanita,she began to explain to the police she was performing and exorcism and her daughter was possessed by the devil. Published on Aug 30, 2016 Oklahoma City – Juanita Gomez, 49, of Oklahoma City stands accused … Continue reading

Dark arts,Conjuring ,contacting dead priests what else is next? Luci Leibfried story.

Luci Leibfried is a freelance writer for the Examiner.com,she is also the host for a radio show called Paranormal Review.She luci states on her Facebook wall, that she has or is been doing radio for the past 4 years under the name Paranormal Review.Luci is also a psychic Tarrot card reader at Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and … Continue reading

Destination America Tries to Scare Up Viewers With a Live Exorcism,change in plans for the psychic chip Coffee. News flash it’s just going to be a walk through?

There sure seems to be a total breakdown of either correct information, or the pure possibility of deceptive informational practices, within Hollywood’s promotions.If the said information is suspect, before the actual shows, who will watch them. Destination America had reported for some time now that they planned on doing an event.The event was to be … Continue reading