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Ghostark You Tube video rolls out,customer opens package is utterly disgusted.

Joshua Harris, made his you Tube video showing for the first time, what he did receive in the packages.He,say’s save your money.The one knob turns freely, then says the headphones are cheap,stated it turned on, but was definitely not what it was supposed to be.That it was not working. One other link earlier on,was this … Continue reading

Eddie Tiptin,Bigfoot enthusiast,Charged And Convicted In Biggest lottery Fraud Case Ever.

Perhaps their was no money to be made inside the Bigfoot world,but their certainly was fixing the lottery to pay a friend.Through the years of continued greed and corruption,it became Eddie Tipton’s eventful downfall.Once more,what is even more sad ,is that this case may have involved Tiptin’s brother a justice of the peace,who is also … Continue reading

You May be A Paranormal Dream Thief part 2

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Darkside Dark Secrets can not be held accountable for other parties information. Evan Jensen The original article,was titled the way it was,because the said … Continue reading

Man Who Gave Psychics $718,000,psychics charged for Grand larceny.

Niall Rice, a 33-year-old consultant who paid two psychics who promised to help him reunite with the woman he loved, even after she died, said he wanted justice. Continue reading

Rosalind Hennigar is the real paranormal bully, just exactly what Ryan Daniel Buel did.

This is a blog to really introduce Rosalind Hennigar. When folks have asked for and answer as to why she(Hennigar) would support, endorse such a Paranormal fraud as Ryan Buel? Rosalind reacted with some trash show, she placed on YouTube calling people pedophiles and drunks. I remember the exact same type of behavior coming from … Continue reading

Ryan Daniel Buel’s new PRS is so secretive, you have to sign up for approval?

Some folks are wondering, why has Ryan Daniel Buel been so disconnected for the past year on social media? others already know this questions answer. Ryan publicly posted videos and links as to his recent hip surgeries. For those that may be wondering and asking for true real apparent reasons, just remember the news video, … Continue reading