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Sasha Klanott,represented Resurection Talent,even when their was money missing two weeks ago.Runs bullying site as a forfront

Just two weeks ago anti bullying website organizer Sasha Klanott, ran what seemed to be interference adds on her Blogtalk talk show.As was posted inside the description on the shows link. There were some questions to this Sasha Klanott”I got your message but I have a show that time. I was also wondering you run … Continue reading

Connie Williams accused of faking screenshots,that offer a public apology of John Albrecht, of articles released as evidence, that their is and hallucination in Tombstone.

On social media, it was shown that apparent alleged, faked screenshots have been distributed, among the Paranormal public.The sources are believed to have came from an event planner and owner of Resurection Talents Connie Williams.their is a big debate as to whom did what. For those that need to be refreshed about this entire theatrical … Continue reading

Tombstone event cancelled, but rescheduled for may 2016

A paranormal event planner and host of The Resurrection of Tombstone event. Gary Brown was recently arrested in Georgia. The upcoming event was supposed to take place in November, on Friday the 13th. http://erieecho.com/2015/09/26/upcoming-resurrection-of-tombstone-event-cancelled-and-event-planner-is-jailed/ Gary Brown was the events coordinator of the newest event to launch inside the town to tough to die.Gary on a … Continue reading