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Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal to appear on Paranormal Lockdown Jan 20th,2017

It has been announced that Steve Huff of Huff  Paranormal, will be guest appearing on Paranormal lockdown Jan 20th on TLC. Steve had made the suggested statements just today. Even though Steve has had some scrutiny over the past speaking to dead celebrities through ways of ghost boxing, he did have one clear and supportive statement, … Continue reading

Zak Baggans supports Harold the Haunted doll,so it must be real?

  11/27/2016: It’s so uncomfortable when something tries to hold you back, from telling the truth. But in the end, when some things need to be heard, then it’s the time to say what’s real. We’re off to Mexico for another episode of Ghost Adventures. Misconstrued truth and misinformation seem to go hand in hand.. … Continue reading

PRS Now Doing Little To Defend Their Hero Ryan Daniel Buell

It was  just a few days ago, September 18 Th that definitely  defined and marked a date and day in history,where most of the paranormal world and the basic public had seen an announcement from several news sources.It was the arrest of a paranormal celebrity Ryan Daniel Buell. After 2 years,questions were all the sudden … Continue reading

Ryan Buell,tells Pennsylvania court,he is a full time student and does not make money.Asks for public defender.

On September 18,2016.Paranormal reality star Ryan Daniel Buell was arrested in his own home town of South Carolina.He(Buell) was then extradited back to Pennsylvania on the 21 st to answer charges. Buell even though seen playing on his gaming web site Twitch and asking and receiving donations,ended up applying to the courts as an indigent … Continue reading

News update, Sparks News(2) Raquel Constantino facing kidnapping charges and strangulation charges.

According to new news sources,the daughter of the Constantino’s Raquel will still be facing charges,from a prior domestic abuse incident,where they say both mark Constantino and also daughter Raquel had allegedly pulled Debbie from a car and tried to strangle her. Then just six weeks ago, Mark along with their daughter Raquel, allegedly went to … Continue reading