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Steven Streufert,just posted color edited film of the footage of the Patterson Film, it is still a hoax people.

Steven Streufert, owner of Bigfoot Books and member of the Bluff Creek Project, just posted this rarely seen unedited footage of the Patterson Film. Problem is, it is just as blurry as the original one.Steven Streufert, self proclaims to know for a fact the film was the real deal, he runs a Bigfoot research page … Continue reading

Feuke Monster, legend of the past.

The Fouke Monster had gained interest in the 1970’s, as well as the said movie. “The legend of Boggy Creek” that had netted almost 25 million dollars in it’s time. One good source on the Fuke monster, is this link. The beast of Boggy Creek. http://www.foukemonster.net/ The film, which claims to be a true story, … Continue reading

I was a Bigfoot skeptic until ?

The day started out like a normal day. The family had planned to go camping close to the Mount Hood National Forest. We all met up together and by the time we had all our camp stuff and gear ready it had started to get late. It was about 11:00 pm a Friday night. We … Continue reading