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Don jeffrey Meldrum,warns public some one is pretending to be him on social media and on Facebook.

Don jeffrey Meldrum,warns public some one is pretending to be him on social media and on Facebook. A Facebook posting,showed the educated university Anthropologist,had an issue with some one trying to represent him on social media. Don Jeffrey Meldrum professor at anthropology warns  social public,that some body has made a fake Facebook account of him … Continue reading

Cliff Crook,responds to Matt Moneymakers said allegations

The only person that responded to Matt Moneymakers said allegations of faking Bigfoot evidence,was none other then Cliff Crook.We wish to thank the man Cliff,for coming forward one last time to set the record straight and  to give his side of the abuse he withstood, inside the Bigfoot world. This is what Cliff had to … Continue reading

Did Don Jeffrey Meldrum,state he did not any longer believe in Bigfoot

Les Stroud Talks About Government Involvement With Bigfoot,say’s he buys goods from Meldrum and that Meldrum told him he did not believe in Bigfoot anymore. Paranormal Herald: I have found no evidence,that a man that being Don jeffrey Meldrum,who has spent a lot a great portion of his life studying the field,would ever say or … Continue reading

Eddie Tiptin,Bigfoot enthusiast,Charged And Convicted In Biggest lottery Fraud Case Ever.

Perhaps their was no money to be made inside the Bigfoot world,but their certainly was fixing the lottery to pay a friend.Through the years of continued greed and corruption,it became Eddie Tipton’s eventful downfall.Once more,what is even more sad ,is that this case may have involved Tiptin’s brother a justice of the peace,who is also … Continue reading

not cryptozoological news.

Two men in northern Kentucky last week captured the images of a creature they say was a Bigfoot.What they presented was the single worst blurry video seen as of to date. Over the past decade or longer perhaps,we have seen so0me of the worst shot out of focus videos ever recorded,including the paterson Grimlin video,that … Continue reading

MR Harley,hairy man thought to be a Sasquatch, was shot and killed by local bear hunters,believing the man to be a Sasquatch

The article origin is totally unknown, however tracking down the so called bio of the original writer, we saw this was posted” Barbara Johnson is a young reporter who has made a name for herself thanks to her thorough researching and formal writing style. A former porn star, she has rapidly reached the summit in … Continue reading

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? just say nope.

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? LOL WTH? (Photo). That is exactly what the picture and article is classified under. WTF….Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2015 2:07 On Before It’s News. http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/10/jersey-devil-photographed-by-family-lol-wth-photo-2497566.html A News 12 New Jersey viewer sent in a photo that’s causing a lot of people to scratch our heads. It shows some type of … Continue reading


Nancy Hoggert told Big Foot Tracker that she and the infamous Bigfoot have been in a sexual relationship since 2008 and are “trying to start a family.” She claims that Bigfoot lives in Mason County, Washington and that she first encountered the beast while tending to her “marijuana grow.” As was written in Moron. http://www.moron.com/woman-relationship-with-bigfoot/Continue reading

Megan Fox: Bigfoot Hunter? or Joker?

There is no doubt,even celebrities have their shares of paranormal beliefs,as well as experiences.Even Megan Fox. Fox’s tendency to bring up her belief in Sasquatch on occasions that don’t even remotely warrant it has become something of an inside joke among journalists. I think we should support Megan fox on her Bigfoot hunting. I can … Continue reading

Naked man, sentenced in Bigfoot case attack to 10 years prison time

The Oregonian reported first a live coverage story about a  man and a claim, that I thought  for sure may have been  from some comedy hour, in some sleazy night club.They often say stories are just reproduced, from one  to another. This is One story I have never heard of before? The title should of … Continue reading