Florida psychic arrested, she scammed from former veteran and one other person.

There was no shortage of scammers paranormal wise in 2017. It is unfortunately expected that in 2018, there will be even more. With all the psychics, who have committed some bad frauds, it is difficult to even think that local law enforcement would be willing to listen or even entertain a psychic when solving a crime is in order, but there are a few.

More and more police departments are open to working with reputable psychics. Of course, they can’t afford to have their time wasted by quacks who call in on every high profile case. But there are genuine psychics who have proven that they are able to help.

The story about Gina Wilson, was one that gained some attention because of the type of fraud she was charged with committing. Psychic fraud. The story was being told that she gained a former veterans confidence. Gina Wilson had told the veteran to stop taking his medication and alter his bank accounts. That he did without hesitation to the sum of over 90 thousand dollars.

Gina’s arrest number # ID: 41570495, She then was charged with a felony count to defraud of more then 50,000 dollars.


During a police convention of some sort, the victim notified the police, he had been scammed by a woman calling herself a psychic. After the police did some checking, they also found out that the psychic had also scammed one other woman.

Gina was booked 2017-05-23  and RELEASED – 5/24/2017 12:28 AM  on A SURETY BOND.

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