Paranormal state star pleads guilty to assault, dismisses stolen vehicle charges.

For anyone still following the criminal saga of Ryan Buell, both of the cases, the 2016 felony and misdeameanor case involving the failure to return the rental car, and the 2017 case of simple assault and harassment, seem to have now been settled by the Court.

;’The 2016 case has been dismissed per rule 586. So, once again Ryan has found he can just walk away with a slap on the hand. Rule 586 requires restitution and the charges get dismissed. No felony. No misdemeanor.


He was not quite so fortunate with the 2017 case of simple assault. Although the court chose not to prosecute the harassment charge, Rule 586 does not allow a case to be dismissed involves violence. So, according to the Court papers, if I am reading them correctly, he pled guilty to the misdemeanor of simple assault.


What lesson has he really learned from not having to face more serious consequences he could have (and probably should have) had to face? Well, he did get to see the inside of a jail cell for about a couple of months. But when someone is out on bail on a felony charge and continues to use illegal drugs and gets arrested for assaulting someone else, even after having spent a month in jail, I’d have to say they are a slow learner.
Ryan says he is going to some of the places he was suppose to go in 2014, but didn’t. So, is he going to go to Orlando like he was suppose to in 2012 and didn’t and let the people who were never reimbursed for their tickets go free? Is he going to have an event at the Lizzie Borden house, like he said he was going to in 2011, and didn’t, and invite all the people for free who paid for tickets and were not reimbursed? I’d ask him directly, but being blocked on his page years ago for exposing what he was doing (charging for events he never booked venues for and not reimbursing ticketholders when he “postponed”, i.e. cancelled, the event) does make that difficult.

Is he filling the orders of all the people who paid for merchandise but hadn’t received years later? Well, seeing is believing and so far, I hear him talking, but I’ve yet to see him redeem himself. If you must go and don’t receive a free ticket, best words of advice – buy your tickets at the door AFTER you’ve made sure he is actually there. And there is still the matter of honesty and transparency, has he yet addressed his “pancreatic cancer” and his mother’s comment that he is ill, but NOT from cancer? If he has, please send the link because that’s one conversation I’d like to hear, and I don’t think people should have to pay to hear it.

If he can announce to the world in People Magazine he had it, perhaps the best retraction if it was not true would be another interview with People Magazine.
On the other hand, for all the people who bought tickets to events that were never held or purchased merchandise that was never sent, and who were never refunded, if you did NOTHING more than complain on social media and send email requests to get your money back, you are also part of the problem and the reason why people continued to get scammed in the future. If you did not file complaints with the Attorney General, the FBI Cyber crime site, your local police, and/or take him to court for the return of your money, then you may have let your statute of limitations expire so that all you can do now is complain on social media and consider you paid for that right.

And for anyone who is stupid enough to pay money for future events having more than fair warning of what has happened over and over again in the past, at least since 2011 to 2016, then a fool and his money are soon parted. You pay your money and you take your chances.
And to Kirby Robinson, thank you for all that you did and for being the first to bring Ryan Buell’s antics to the attention of the public, the paranormal community, and mainstream media. I am sorry to see that you retired, and I am grateful for all that you did.

234 Pa. Code Rule 586. Court Dismissal Upon Satisfaction or Agreement.
When a defendant is charged with an offense which is not alleged to have been committed by force or violence or threat thereof, the court may order the case to be dismissed upon motion and a showing that:

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Susan Warren:

Referenced sources: https://www.facebook.com/susan.grace.169/posts/10213893172913015



A&E ghost hunter Ryan Buell arrested in Florence County


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