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850.00 dollars buys you an online remote exorcism with these people.?

There are many contributing factors that leads to criminal behavior such as the economy, social environment, family, mental disorders etc. A criminal is someone who has committed a crime or broken the law. Anyone and everyone can become a criminal. Deviant behavior is seen everywhere in the world today. The Paranormal world is no different. I take solace in focusing … Continue reading

Just two hours after moving into Hoover Home ghosts and dead people seen everywhere, even though no former mentions of any such ghostly activity has ever existed states Pam Barry via Keystone Paranormal.

Just two hours, actually less then one actual day ago, the newest would be Hoover house owners Keystone Paranormal there workers Pam and Steven Barry have stated, they witnessed all kinds of paranormal activity in there new home, they just purchased. No surprises there. Yesterday this paper did an article, that showed there was no … Continue reading

Zak Baggans supports Harold the Haunted doll,so it must be real?

  11/27/2016: It’s so uncomfortable when something tries to hold you back, from telling the truth. But in the end, when some things need to be heard, then it’s the time to say what’s real. We’re off to Mexico for another episode of Ghost Adventures. Misconstrued truth and misinformation seem to go hand in hand.. … Continue reading

Recent Smartphone Sleep App,uncovers more then sleep deprivation.

Sleep apps are a great way to monitor your sleeping habits and make sure that you’re getting a full night’s rest, but when they start recording ghosts talking to you in the wee hours of the morning, they’ll probably have the opposite effect. That’s what happened to one woman when she played back her midnight recordings only … Continue reading

Couple to sell house plagued by ghost of Titanic captain,It is just to Haunted here.

Former residents of the 19th century Victorian property – the birthplace of Captain Edward John Smith are convinced they’ve seen the ghost of the ship’s master in the bedroom. According to prior tenants, it has been stated that they had in the past witnessed floods in their kitchen and even and icy cold feeling around … Continue reading

Fake Facebook Profiles Scammers, Bullies and Thieves

Is flattery the sincerest form of imitation? if so, then this may just explain the things you are seeing on social media today.I do not know about everyone,but I do know about millions using social feeds,Facebook or what I prefer to call Spacebook. The paranormal Herald (E-paper has seen it’s share of folks with fake … Continue reading

Pro wrestler wrangles opponet,with his penis.

Ok I know it, this article is not paranormal but I would say to me for some odd reason should be. I have never heard of being beat down by someone’s penis before. I would say perhaps this can not be the average japanese wrestler lol. Folks relax joey Ryan is a entertainer and damned … Continue reading

Dark arts,Conjuring ,contacting dead priests what else is next? Luci Leibfried story.

Luci Leibfried is a freelance writer for the Examiner.com,she is also the host for a radio show called Paranormal Review.She luci states on her Facebook wall, that she has or is been doing radio for the past 4 years under the name Paranormal Review.Luci is also a psychic Tarrot card reader at Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and … Continue reading

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? just say nope.

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? LOL WTH? (Photo). That is exactly what the picture and article is classified under. WTF….Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2015 2:07 On Before It’s News. http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/10/jersey-devil-photographed-by-family-lol-wth-photo-2497566.html A News 12 New Jersey viewer sent in a photo that’s causing a lot of people to scratch our heads. It shows some type of … Continue reading

The Old Hag: Terrifying “Ghost Photo” Captured at Texas’ Fort Worth Museum,is making it’s rounds all over the internet. Do you believe?

A creepy-as-hell photo taken at Texas’ Fort Worth Museum of Science and History might take the cake for one of the creepiest potential ghost photos of all time. The article has been seen on several different websites and the articles seem to differ ever so slitely. A recent article states the  image was snapped during … Continue reading