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Old lavacca County Jail Producing Serious Paranormal Activity

We have seen over and over many times well said, the specific names of the famed haunted locations people tend to visit.The all to familiar names come to mind and thought day after day,but what about a disclosed location,that has recently brought to light enough evidence to make any paranormal enthusiast want to visit this … Continue reading

Sometimes ghosts are not the only ones scaring folks what about snakes on a plane?

The situation passengers on an Aeromexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City found themselves in on Sunday, was not that of a paranormal bases,but was one that describes a snake on a plane. Snakes on a Plane is an entertaining movie in part because the notion that a ton of venomous snakes could take over … Continue reading

NBA”S Justise Winslow say’s there was ghostly happenings at hotel room.

Justise  Winslow was not the first but actually the second player to experience something defined as a ghost at the Skirvin Hilton hotel.The second-year player on the Heat said he saw his bathroom door moving on its own while he was in the shower at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel.  They also made complaints,that the facet turned … Continue reading

Ryan Buell: Where Are They Now?

10/8/2016 Ryan Buell:  Where Are They Now? Is the latest celebrity scandal just another case of the all-too-familiar “Dr. Feel Goods”  and coat tail riders? Some seem to think so. At the height of controversy and public outcry surrounding his “Conversations of the Dead” tour, Ryan Daniel Buell was arrested on September 18th, 2016 for … Continue reading

Ryan Buell,tells Pennsylvania court,he is a full time student and does not make money.Asks for public defender.

On September 18,2016.Paranormal reality star Ryan Daniel Buell was arrested in his own home town of South Carolina.He(Buell) was then extradited back to Pennsylvania on the 21 st to answer charges. Buell even though seen playing on his gaming web site Twitch and asking and receiving donations,ended up applying to the courts as an indigent … Continue reading

Ryan Daniel Buell, has been extradited back to Pensylvania,was not able to pay bail.

A celebrity ghost hunter who once lived in Raleigh is behind bars.He has also been extradited back to Pennsylvania to answer charges.According to sources,he(Buell) is now in the Centre County jail. http://abc11.com/1527286/ Dianne Wilson,writes” Updated 2 hrs 12 mins ago RALEIGH (WTVD) — Celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell is now in Pennsylvania at the Centre Country … Continue reading

Former A&E reality star,Michelle Belanger Sacrfices Buell For Book

Michelle Belanger uses opportunity to sell her new book,”Harsh Gods” in the heat of the  Buell scandal.It is truly sad when we see opportunist,those people that seem to take every opportunity they can to better their own situations. The serious issues are, why and what have they done to change or resolve the issues of those … Continue reading

Lara Michele Muscolino memorial held 9/14/2016. please sign their guest book.

September 1, 2016.  We lost one of the paranormal families very own, Lara Muscolino. Her life was taken due to domestic violence and being murdered.Lara was laid to rest,at the Schimunek Funeral home in Bel Air Maryland on September 14th,2016 Relatives and friends are invited to call at the Schimunek Funeral Home of Bel Air, … Continue reading

Mother accused of killing daughter,say’s daughter was possessed.Shoves crucifix down own daughters throat.

Juanita Gomez, 50 was formidably charged with killing her biological daughter,by shoving a cross down her throat.As police questioned Juanita,she began to explain to the police she was performing and exorcism and her daughter was possessed by the devil. Published on Aug 30, 2016 Oklahoma City – Juanita Gomez, 49, of Oklahoma City stands accused … Continue reading

Raquel(Rocky) Constantino receives no jail time,is offered plea bargain for the past assaults and terror on deceased mother Debby Constantino

Earlier last year,we saw the breaking news unfold before our eyes.The deaths of three people, in what was being described as a murder suicide. Debbie Constantino,long time ghost hunter and paranormal celebrity was brutally murdered by her estranged husband.Mark Constantino.The stories of abuse, and assaults stemmed back for years. As police were called to another home,they learned … Continue reading