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Ghost Singles for The Deceased?

At last, a website for the dearly  departed.Have you been haunting the walls or halls of your home for  an eternity looking for someone to have friendly social stimulating conversations with? http://ghostsingles.com/ Ghost singles.com is the social site for you. Dating Tips for the Dead Safety Meeting new people online can be a fantastic, fun … Continue reading

Handjob Cabin’ – about a ghost that MASTURBATES you to death,What the hell next folks?

everyone can use a hand sometimes in life. Continue reading

MR Harley,hairy man thought to be a Sasquatch, was shot and killed by local bear hunters,believing the man to be a Sasquatch

The article origin is totally unknown, however tracking down the so called bio of the original writer, we saw this was posted” Barbara Johnson is a young reporter who has made a name for herself thanks to her thorough researching and formal writing style. A former porn star, she has rapidly reached the summit in … Continue reading

Dark arts,Conjuring ,contacting dead priests what else is next? Luci Leibfried story.

Luci Leibfried is a freelance writer for the Examiner.com,she is also the host for a radio show called Paranormal Review.She luci states on her Facebook wall, that she has or is been doing radio for the past 4 years under the name Paranormal Review.Luci is also a psychic Tarrot card reader at Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and … Continue reading

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? just say nope.

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? LOL WTH? (Photo). That is exactly what the picture and article is classified under. WTF….Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2015 2:07 On Before It’s News. http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/10/jersey-devil-photographed-by-family-lol-wth-photo-2497566.html A News 12 New Jersey viewer sent in a photo that’s causing a lot of people to scratch our heads. It shows some type of … Continue reading


Nancy Hoggert told Big Foot Tracker that she and the infamous Bigfoot have been in a sexual relationship since 2008 and are “trying to start a family.” She claims that Bigfoot lives in Mason County, Washington and that she first encountered the beast while tending to her “marijuana grow.” As was written in Moron. http://www.moron.com/woman-relationship-with-bigfoot/Continue reading

New Orleans, you can list a residence for sale as “haunted” or “not haunted.” Website specifically looking for Haunted real estate.

TopTenRealEstateDeals.com is strictly looking for haunted real estate,from around the world? If you’re looking to submit a home, shoot the site an email at hauntedhomes@toptenrealestatedeals.com. Nominations should include a brief description of the home’s scariest selling features and a few photos. The full list will be published on Oct. 20, so make sure to mark your … Continue reading

Air Force Dentist Accused of Being a Witch for Practicing Yoga, Infecting Veterans With Demons.It’s a real case people.

Religion,not in the Airforce apparently.The First Amendment doesn’t really apply to one dentist office serving Fort Meade.The story inside this article. Deborah Schoenfeld,who is a dental assistant,Her religion Hinduism. Deborah was recently accused of witchcraft and “bringing demons into the office. The accusations were by who she thinks were her own colleagues. Schoenfeld was told by one … Continue reading

Shocking footage has emerged of a young girl ‘possessed by the devil’ after playing with a Ouija board mobile phone app

The 18-year-old, identified as Patricia Quispe, is seen convulsing as paramedics try to restrain her.Was she possessed by a Ouija board application? The Mirror reported and inside that article, is the link to the possession video, that is surfacing from Lima Peru. Shocking footage has emerged of a young girl ‘possessed by the devil’ after playing … Continue reading


Impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.This is a story of life,love and in the end happiness.There can be no greater bond,then that of a child to mother,or a child to father. One of those miracles happened in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, The mother gave up for 3 hours after giving … Continue reading