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Ryan Buel,still claiming he is sick to defraud paranormal public

Paranormal State’s Ryan Daniel (Denial) Buell is claiming he is sick in what seems to be an attempt to fraud the paranormal public.  He refuses to answer specific refund requests even to this very day. Amy Greenwald has asked repeatedly for her said refund to be issued, but Mr. Buell never replied to her requests. … Continue reading

Gian Maria Rossi, C.o.o. of Ghostark,is listed as being the designer of the faulty under achieved product.

General Disclaimer: The information contained in this electronic communication is to be considered property of The Paranormal Herald and  and is intended only for the use of the recipients reading this paper. The information is or may be legally privileged and may or may not express the opinions of the writer,or writers . The Paranormal … Continue reading

Dustin Pari, Ghostark, man of god on Twitter,listed as Ghostark family.Sparks angry purchasers across the country

Gian Maria Rossi, Coo of Ghostark,is listed as being the designer of the faulty under achieved product. A recent article ran inside The Paranormal Herald. http://paranormalheraldmagazine.com/2016/02/08/is-ghostark-sending-faulty-equipmentor-simply-just-scamming-the-paranormal-public/ how long does it take,before scammers and crooks get caugt red handedly? I have seen none to little if any thing,not any sort of responses from,Gian Rossi in specific … Continue reading

Femme Force say’s they do not trash talk folks,First thing they do, is trash talk folks.

I felt this was coming,even more trash talking from the wonder twins over at Femme Force. The Paranormal Herald,has well reached over 2 million viewers,and that these old mean ass ninny’s can just salivate over it.. lesson learned “just days ago we asked that our names,please be left out of their very vulgar pie holes,but … Continue reading

Femeforce Is Producing Serious Paranormal Drama,Uses Said Author Phil sirracusa Over Alleged Movie And Or Book Allegations,Gets Fired From Haunted Horsefly Chronicles Case part 1

Disclaimer: all allegations made on this e-paper are alleged and assumed to be what is the truth,based on said forwarded information and suggested evidence.The Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for the printing of said information. In the past three days the Paranormal world was awakened to  major issues inside the paranormal community.It was … Continue reading

Rob Hood is a paranormal investigator from the research group Truthseekers Paranormal Research and Investigations,Says he faked evidence to be on TV.

  Rob Hood is a paranormal investigator from the research group Truthseekers Paranormal Research and Investigations,Who Says he faked evidence to be on TV. The Paranormal Herald asked David Childers what was going on as of recent with this man, ?this was his (Robs)response back” David Childers”As you can see he is a mentally disturbed and … Continue reading


A Boulder psychic faces at least 1 felony count of theft  after police say she(Becky Ann Lee) allegedly swindled a member of the family that founded the Lacoste clothing company out of more than $200,000 cash,that went to the purchase of gold coins. She(Becky) is currently free on bond and due back in court in … Continue reading

Mineral Wells para-con event organizer,pledges to repay some talent,skips still massive hotel bill with no communications to them concerning outstanding balance.

In every day ordinary life,we see mistakes that we as humans make. God knows I have. I will have made tons of them. It is really the ones that don’t seem to try to rectify,correct or make right the mistakes they have made. It is currently January the 10th,2016.The Mineral Wells para con events organizer,has … Continue reading

Mineral Wells Paracon scandal,Lisa lamrock not the blame.

Mineral Wells Paracon scandal,Lisa lamrock not the blame. Lisa lamrock,wanted to set the record clear and let folks know she has had to back away from these para promoters and that she wants no affiliation within the conference or them (BIll and Danielle)at all.These are her statements to the Paranormal Herald. Lisa lamrock” Only thing … Continue reading

Wedding Bliss,Paranormal para-cons and hotel fraud

Wedding Bliss,Paranormal para-cons and hotel fraud,seems OK for the Paranormal deranged. Earlier this month,we learned that the mineral wells para-con organizers,both Bill Bachman and his newly wed wife, after allegedly scamming a hotel out of what was stated as more then a 5,000 dollar bill,has evidently decided to ignore and not make any arrangements to … Continue reading