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Producers of Ghost Hunters,Pilgrim Media Group,now casting paranormal investigators for new cable show.It was not stated as of yet,what cable company,nor exactly what they had in store for the new show,but did state they were looking for new investigators to work with celebrity individuals in the New York areas. Posted on July 29, 2016. The … Continue reading

Don jeffrey Meldrum,warns public some one is pretending to be him on social media and on Facebook.

Don jeffrey Meldrum,warns public some one is pretending to be him on social media and on Facebook. A Facebook posting,showed the educated university Anthropologist,had an issue with some one trying to represent him on social media. Don Jeffrey Meldrum professor at anthropology warns  social public,that some body has made a fake Facebook account of him … Continue reading

not cryptozoological news.

Two men in northern Kentucky last week captured the images of a creature they say was a Bigfoot.What they presented was the single worst blurry video seen as of to date. Over the past decade or longer perhaps,we have seen so0me of the worst shot out of focus videos ever recorded,including the paterson Grimlin video,that … Continue reading

Finding Bigfoot Begins Taping In Redding, California,are you all ready for yet another season?

REDDING, Calif. Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” held a meeting at Redding’s Old City Hall Wednesday night. Cliff Barackman,say’s their are a lot of of Bigfoot reports in Northern Carolina. The actual questions, we should be asking are is the media, public,meaning viewers ready for another episode of finding no evidence,providing nothing solid. Animal Planet’s ‘Finding … Continue reading

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? just say nope.

Jersey Devil Photographed By Family? LOL WTH? (Photo). That is exactly what the picture and article is classified under. WTF….Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2015 2:07 On Before It’s News. http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2015/10/jersey-devil-photographed-by-family-lol-wth-photo-2497566.html A News 12 New Jersey viewer sent in a photo that’s causing a lot of people to scratch our heads. It shows some type of … Continue reading


Nancy Hoggert told Big Foot Tracker that she and the infamous Bigfoot have been in a sexual relationship since 2008 and are “trying to start a family.” She claims that Bigfoot lives in Mason County, Washington and that she first encountered the beast while tending to her “marijuana grow.” As was written in Moron. http://www.moron.com/woman-relationship-with-bigfoot/Continue reading

Bigfoot in Vietnam,ape creature the locals call Nguoi Rung

The Vietnam Conflict Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Extract Files contains records of 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War.Let’s think outside the box for a moment. Could their also have been other casualties we didn’t even know existed?What if they were not human? As the story is … Continue reading

Bigfoot posers,Gunnar Monson,Shane Corson of Monster x Radio,

It is not everyday I ask someone on the radio show. But when we do, we ask for courtesy and to be there as is discussed.When someone commits, they better expect to be there, and if they can not make their appearance a simple phone call made is the easiest thing for them to do. … Continue reading

Has ‘lizard man’ returned ? he was absent for decades.

http://www.live5news.com/clip/11737147/professor-lizard-man-is-part-of-the-legend-cycle Sumter woman who says she went to church with a friend Sunday morning, stepped out of the sanctuary to see the Lizard Man running along the tree line.BISHOPVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) — The fabled Bishopville, South Carolina, swamp creature known as Lizard Man appears to have surfaced again Sunday afternoon. In a ABC  special report: http://www.katv.com/story/29698390/has-lizard-man-returned-photo-apparently-shows-fabled-sc-creature … Continue reading

El Aterrador Caso del Demonio Volador “Mothman” videos de terror fantasmas vida real HD 2015

Published on Jan 16, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz-PLx8Brwo Este fue mi primer video de terror y el primero en subir, espero que lo disfruten y si les gusta, no duden en darle like y suscribirse. ►Suscribete: http://bit.ly/1E8ShT0 ►Sigueme en google+ → http://bit.ly/1wh