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Former A&E reality star,Michelle Belanger Sacrfices Buell For Book

Michelle Belanger uses opportunity to sell her new book,”Harsh Gods” in the heat of the  Buell scandal.It is truly sad when we see opportunist,those people that seem to take every opportunity they can to better their own situations. The serious issues are, why and what have they done to change or resolve the issues of those … Continue reading

Renowned psychic and former business partner Chip Coffee,exploits Ryan Daniel Buell.I’m not surprised.

Renowned psychic and former business partner Chip Coffee,exploits Ryan Daniel Buell. “I’m not surprised”.Yes not only is Chip Coffee not surprised,but neither are any of the rest of us. Earlier yesterday,we saw a recent post,where the internationally known and former star of paranormal states Chip Coffee had came forward and made a long post about … Continue reading

Former business associate Chad Calek comes forward about Ryan Daniel Buell accuses Buell of being a drug addict.

In a recent response from a long time business associate and former partner to A&E reality star Ryan Buell,Chad Calek shares his open thoughts on the once popular reality shows star.According to recent responses,he states he has had no contact in two years other then on two separate instances where Buell stated he missed him. … Continue reading

Don’t trust the man behind the curtain. PRS doing damage control.

According to WBTW news channel 13,A&E paranormal states Ryan Daniel Buel,is being held on retainer for possible extradition back to pensylvania. Just earlier today as the news broke first ground,this story has unfolded in it’s specific details regarding the once popular entertainment star. WBTW was quoted as writing. A&E ghost hunter Ryan Buell arrested in … Continue reading

Ryan Buel the devil in South Carolina,was arrested on 09/18/2016

“Paranormal State” star Ryan Buell has been arrested for felony theft charges. Buell was arrested on September 18 in South Carolina and is currently being held in the Florence County Jail on a detainer from Pennsylvania. Dianne Wilson, Troubleshooter, breaks the news. Buell claims to be a paranormal expert and appeared on the cable TV series … Continue reading

Lara Michele Muscolino memorial held 9/14/2016. please sign their guest book.

September 1, 2016.  We lost one of the paranormal families very own, Lara Muscolino. Her life was taken due to domestic violence and being murdered.Lara was laid to rest,at the Schimunek Funeral home in Bel Air Maryland on September 14th,2016 Relatives and friends are invited to call at the Schimunek Funeral Home of Bel Air, … Continue reading

Shocking, but not surprising,Ryan Buell’s apartment burns rather suddenly?

Just today,we saw that the once popular A&E paranormal star.Ryan Daniel Buell had been showing folks that his newly accommodated apartment has been burned.A video he,himself took showed that their was a fire. What was not stated,was how the apparent fire started. Any specific details were not mentioned over social media ,other then Buells own … Continue reading

The Paranormal Community loses,Lara Crockett Muscolino.WJZ 13 reports.

Over the past few years now, we have seen several people lost to domestic violence.There is nothing worse then the horrific news that this article brings.We hope as a paranormal family,we can help stop the cycles of these abusive patterns.We saw just last year the horrific news of one other family torn to shreds and … Continue reading

The nightmare they have become.Sergey and Ryan Buell evicted from home on 08/24/2016 just 3 days before ghost hunt and Black Tie birthday party.

Just 3 days before a well known  paranormal celebrity had announced final staged plans for his birthday celebration and a two day ghost hunt.People were excited to hear that they may be able to see the one time popular Ryan Daniel Buell. The event page that was created had written directions for those taking public … Continue reading


Oops, He did it again! There is a big red flag out there in the paranormal community and it’s name is Ryan Buell, former super star in the paranormal community of the hit TV series, Paranormal State. We have received information from some very angry fans, perhaps the last of them that Ryan again, charged … Continue reading