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850.00 dollars buys you an online remote exorcism with these people.?

There are many contributing factors that leads to criminal behavior such as the economy, social environment, family, mental disorders etc. A criminal is someone who has committed a crime or broken the law. Anyone and everyone can become a criminal. Deviant behavior is seen everywhere in the world today. The Paranormal world is no different. I take solace in focusing … Continue reading

Historic Hoover house may not meet standards for paranormal events to be held.

After looking into bigger details of zoning issues and the like, we found according to P.A laws and zoning codes, that many laws would have to come to compliance to be legally held as a tourist spot, let alone a registered bed and breakfast. Such as the bed and breakfast might need a fire escape … Continue reading

Pam Barry Gettysburg Ghost Exchange tells vendor, she has connections to Ghost Adventures allegedly steals vendors equipment. “I am out hundreds”

02/21/2021 8:45.P.M. One of the problems with exposing people on the internet is that they resort in a myriad of tactics that are very typical from my experience. One of them is to pretend to be the victim. At times, they really feel they are. I have had several occasions where the person we are … Continue reading

New owners of Hoover Historic house keystone Paranormal now working with charity fraud suspects?” Pam and Steven Barry.

Written by James B Elmos 6:09 P.M. 02/10/2021 Allegedly after rubbing the current historic lookout House owners the wrong way, Refusing to vacate there property and forcing the current owners to file an eviction notice to remove there pesky Barry patch clan ,Pam and Steven Barry now have decided to engage with there friends. Keystone … Continue reading

Horror author James Hershey J.R. outlines health care issues 0n Writers Block radio show

01/11/2017  After hearing a recent radio show “The writers Block” hosted by horror author James Hershey, we wanted to make sure folks came and really paid attention. The ideas were very well placed and the concept, is one most have not thought of. The following link is a link, where you can listen to the … Continue reading

Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal to appear on Paranormal Lockdown Jan 20th,2017

It has been announced that Steve Huff of Huff  Paranormal, will be guest appearing on Paranormal lockdown Jan 20th on TLC. Steve had made the suggested statements just today. Even though Steve has had some scrutiny over the past speaking to dead celebrities through ways of ghost boxing, he did have one clear and supportive statement, … Continue reading

Chris Di Cesare – “The Ghost Boy of Geneseo”

12/03/2016 Christopher Di Cesare,the author of “Surviving Evidence,writes a compelling and at the same time frightening account of a hunting he barely made it through.Reading this story,as compelling and factual as it is written, is what it takes to make a true account of a scary haunting. Paranormal Herald: There are a  few great stories … Continue reading

True Haunting,the story that keeps giving!

12/02/2016 One of the most famous cases ever recorded, is indeed “True Haunting” of Edwin F Becker.The book has out performed in 3 different countries and has continued to enlighten the paranormal community. It is a story that just simply keeps giving. True Haunting is the most reviewed and highest rated ghost story in the … Continue reading

Zak Baggans supports Harold the Haunted doll,so it must be real?

  11/27/2016: It’s so uncomfortable when something tries to hold you back, from telling the truth. But in the end, when some things need to be heard, then it’s the time to say what’s real. We’re off to Mexico for another episode of Ghost Adventures. Misconstrued truth and misinformation seem to go hand in hand.. … Continue reading

Old lavacca County Jail Producing Serious Paranormal Activity

We have seen over and over many times well said, the specific names of the famed haunted locations people tend to visit.The all to familiar names come to mind and thought day after day,but what about a disclosed location,that has recently brought to light enough evidence to make any paranormal enthusiast want to visit this … Continue reading