A Message To Buell’s Newest Fan Base.

It is not always easy to tell the truth, but we have to. Sometimes people show up on your doorstep on broom sticks after you. Sometimes they are simply looking to lynch somebody. My pappy always told me the truth is something shared, deception and corruption is always hidden. .

This here’s a story about a man named Ryan….. It appears that The Paranormal Herald is in trouble again by no other than Mr. Buell. My words to you, Sir: “Just because you sober up a horse thief, doesn’t mean he will stop being a horse thief”. Stay tuned for the TRUTH.


I just wonder if you remember, (correct me if I am wrong), when you were the first in the field? You were a pioneer, man! We listened to you. We trusted you. We bought tickets worth $1,000’s of dollars to hear you speak. You pumped social media for money, time and time again. What did we do? We sent it to you. Signed, sealed and delivered.

YOU are the reason so many people followed their dreams. Ironically enough, YOU are also the reason so many lost their dreams. How about, instead of  being fresh out of rehab, bashing those that lost faith, you set a DAMN example? You mentioned on the show MANY times, that a demon was following you. You owe the public a statement.Not just the public, but your fans.

The following statement is a statement issued based on more repeated attacks from the ex-Paranormal states reality star and his newest fan base.

Paranormal Herald “In the meantime, please do not support, enable or send money to Ryan Buell, this according to his Mother’s pleas. Also, please stop harassing us for telling the truth. Thanks.

Perhaps one of the largest lies one could ever fabricate, is having  pancreatic cancer. Then Buell’s own comments were off the charts totally and perhaps as Buell’s fans manage to harass everyone, they should consider exactly who did what and how they did it? A proper example of some of the utter misguided nonsense ever written was Buell’s People Magazine interview.’

Ryan Buell Pancreatic Cancer Update

Hell, you are the reason I sit here writing today, for The Paranormal Herald! You inspired so many, yet you want to blame us for your mistakes?? Give me a break. Sounds like rehab didn’t quite do it for you.

Paranormal Herald”

“Some of the exact same types of social attacks have once again started to begin. We saw this during the failed but promoted events, that the former reality star had sold tickets to. People, prior fans reached out to Buell in actual attempts to recover there losses. Money Buell was accused of stealing and accused by his own friends and fellow coworkers from his own once popular reality show Paranormal State.

“Perhaps The Herald, was a victim of attacks, because of a post one of Buell’s groupies did not like. Perhaps and as we sit here thinking maybe the said truth can hit home like a baseball in dodge park? What ever the case, the Herald was accused of not being sympathetic towards Buell’s drug and alleged alcohol recovery. You might be right. The question is should we give the man a special pat on the back and say Buell you did so well your now in recovery? Or should we reflect that it was his own life styles and his own damned choosing to do what he has done not only to become an alleged drug addict, but a paranormal embarrassment to a huge world wide following?

Tiffany Rasmussen, responded to a post, this was her wording to us.


Tiffany Rassmusen

“You’re pretty hateful. U have the nerve to contact me directly. I have a paranormal investigation group and I will share the conversations and blast your page. Sounds like you have issues with criticism and need to grow up and take it like an adult should. You are the reason there is no unity in the paranormal community. The addict is always someone’s son, daughter, father, mother, etc.. and the fact that you spread your garbage hatred for someone that seriously needs recovery makes you an absolute disgusting pig. Now that I’ve said for the last time now worthless you are, you will be blocked again scumbag!!!

Sent from Messenger
Chat Conversation End

In A prior article, we wrote about Buell’s fans and how they have been complaining to regain lost money the ex star, was accused of taking. This still apparently has angered some of his fans.


One article itself writes the following.

Ryan Buell cancels paranormal tour, claims health problems (UPDATE: Fans file complaints)
by idoubtit • July 17, 2014


After public exposure of trouble with his paranormal lecture tour and events, Ryan Buell, formerly of the Paranormal State TV show and the Paranormal Research Society, has stated he has cancelled his tour. Buell announced on his Facebook page that health problems among other issues have scuttled the schedule.
Ryan D. Buell – Dear Friends, I am deeply sorry to have….
Paranormal Examiner, John Albrect, wrote that the events were to feature meet and greets, lectures and ghost hunts. But these were cancelled without notice and the money was not readily refunded. Fans got angry. People who were to take part in the events bowed out. Buell cites PayPal issues which were problematic with regards to payments and refunds but also unexpected serious medical issues. Buell did not disclose the problems but his had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Buell suggested maybe his interactions with demons played a part.
Buell is known for the hit A&E paranormal reality show “Paranormal State” which ran from 2007 to 2011. As a 19-yr old student at Pennsylvania State University, he founded the Paranormal Research Society as a school club. Buell’s show promoted demon infestation and religious rituals for exorcism.
The tour never got rolling as Buell reportedly never left his home state. It looks like he was in WAY over his head, as can be said of the production and drama of the silly, atmospheric, exaggerated drama of Paranormal State and some other pie in the sky projects like online classes. Buell, frankly, has been more or less accused of fraud. He needs to hang up the paranormal investigator hat for a long while.

Ending thoughts:  “you can saddle up them horses, but they will never let you ride again. Never allow you the said freedom you may have had one time. In life one makes there own said choices. Some good, some bad and sometimes those actions stay with the person who has made them.





Ryan Buell Pancreatic Cancer Update

Kelly Griffin: Senior Editor.

Evan Jensen: Paranormal Herald.

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