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Where did the Gettysburg Bash go?

When events and venues suddenly disappear, people begin to wonder what happened. The same thing goes for those paranormal event groups, whom up and pull up stake. They leave as if they were never there in the first place. For those who follow these people, it is sometimes A clear sign something has went wrong, is wrong or they may be running from some paranormal events situation. Unfortunately the aftermath these people leave is always one that effects vendors and anybody they have done business with. With these people. “IT IS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS”.

“Keystones position and statements as to us writing and informing folks about this entire ordeal.

The Gettysburg Bash is one of these types of event venues, who have seemingly pulled up stakes and left for another county and said haunted venue. Just days ago, we saw on there own very public pages information, that has either disappeared or since been taken down or more simply had been allegedly removed. Information about there bash that is.

Many followers of the said bash have made there own choices now, as to the validity of the bashes own said credibility. Again based on the fact the Barry’s have made enemies with the Paranologies equipment manufacturer, they broke ways with a suggested partnership.. Friction in Barry town you bet. If that was the least of why the bash pulled there stakes, then there was the fact that after claiming to be the owners of the Lookout house and spread of initial lies, they were then evicted by the actual Lookout house property owners. Even though Pam Barry stated routinely, they were the property owners. We soon found out that was a blatant misrepresentation on her part. “AGAIN WHO’S CREDIBILITY WAS AT STAKE HERE”:

After months of routine investigations into alleged wrong doing, the Barry’s simply avoided any real communication with the public and there one time following. This led to questions concerning there limo car they were to use for tours. There highly publicized Tribute car that also was used or allegedly used for transportation of wounded vets and sick kids, all of which had no documentation that any of that ever had happened. SCHEME THERE?YOU MIGHT SAY THAT!.

After being evicted off the Lookout property, they had no places to go, unless a miracle chump was handy and near. After seeing recent posts and seeing a lot of bragging by one paranormal group, whom I hope people will call them to the pulpit over because of there outlandish paranormal hotspot claims, the Barry’s have suddenly appeared again. Like thieves in the night, they are back assisting the Keystone paranormal group with yet another alleged haunted venue. The not so haunted Hoover home.

Allegedly after rubbing the current historic lookout House owners the wrong way, Refusing to vacate there property and forcing the current owners to file an eviction notice to remove there pesky Barry patch clan peeps ,Pam and Steven Barry now have decided to engage with there friends. Keystone Paranormal. The very group, who when allegations had surfaced, had through thick or thin decided to back the Barry’s play. There were never any questions asked and they reportedly had no cares in sight, even when Barry bash money had went missing and innocents were being scammed. BUT YET THEY TRIED TO TRASH THIS PAPERS CREDIBILITY BY CALLING US TRASH.

I have many comments on where did there tribute car go? It got me to thinking yah did they lose it, or was it reppoed for lack of payment? On January 20th amidst flowing accusations that the Barry’s were not transporting kids and or any wounded warriors, as they self described. We the Herald had written an article, that showed and detailed what they had been using the suggested charity vehicle for. What ever it was for, I doubt it was to move Outlook house belongings either into or from. “LET ALONE MANNEQUINS”.

Gettysburg bash tribute car filled with mannequins, lucky charms, toilet paper and boxes. Not wounded warriors or sick children. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

With ever increasing accusations and more and more people telling anyone whom would listen they to were charity scam victims, the Barry’s even faced more accusations and angry would be bash goers. Pam and Steve Barry owners of Gettysburg Bash, under investigation for fraud and miss usage of charitable funds. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

With more questions arising of there business allegations, it was declared that and estimated amounts of money had been made.

Alleged estimated figures.

July 2019 known figures:
100 Table sold at $140 each $14,000.00
1000 Paid Attendance at $10 each $10,000.00
150 Paid Bike Rally $20 per driver $ 3000.00
45 Paid Riders $10 per passenger $ 450.00
Li’s Chinese Restaurant Donation $ 1000.00

In recent the Barry’s purchased a new vehicle,taking donations to yet another level that did include the following. On one of there own entertainment pages, they boasted about getting placed on “GOOD MORNING AMERICA”

Tribute Car Donations Known:
Mike Ball State Farm Insurance Paid Ad on car $ 500.
Mamma’s Pizzeria & Ristorante Tires and Custom Wheels $1000.
Kenny’s Auto Paint and Materials $3000.
Marvis Green Airbrush Work $2000.
Tribute Car Donations $6500.
Approximate Total Received $34,950.00.

Known Funds Raised Known Donations
2017 – $ 21,617.00 $625.00 (with the known deposit from the Ghost Pit of $ 600.00)
2018 – $ 33,000.00 $645.00 (to as much as $2,900.00 to PA Wounded Warrior)
2019 – $ 34,950.00 Unreleased
Totals $89,567.00 $1,270.00 (up to $3525.00)
Undisclosed Donations or Unaccountable Funds $ 86,042.00

After Covid-19 hit this nation, the Barry’s had allegedly attempted to continue to hold events. The lookout house owners stated the Barry’s were doing illegal events as they had actually closed down during the Covid-19 outbreak. during this time, it was suggested and or alleged they had been living off the money they made from the bash itself.

Endless times ordinary would be bash goers had reported the Barry’s for all sorts of claims, such as Steven Barry drawing then disability, but working as if he had not. Prior posts and pictures were then presented and used off there own very public web pages, that showed in detail the picture was clear. Somebody may have been frauding social security. With Steven Barry and Pam Barry continuing to doge accusations of charity abuse and misuse, supporters such as Keystone paranormal and then psychic Lorie Johnson had came to there rescue to save there paranormal paychecks.

Gettysburg bash tribute car filled with mannequins, lucky charms, toilet paper and boxes. Not wounded warriors or sick children. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

On  JANUARY 30, 2020,the Herald once again covered a story on the bashes high publicly known Tribute car. As allegations broke once again about the Barry’s not using there car to do as what was being stated we covered and showed without a doubt exactly what it was being used for although somewhat funny, this time there car was full of toilet paper, lucky Charms and mannequins

So in short and in simple layman’s terms, the Barry’s most assuredly left Gettysburg unwelcomed and in a disarray of some sort. People have asked where are they now? from reports and information sent to this paper, they have made newer friends, business partners and are trying to once again establish a haunted connection to there newest endeavor the Hoover house.

With a paranormal groups unclaimed statements of seeing spirits, dead cats and the like, even spirits walking down hallway corridors, we also did a routine check to verify if there had been ever any haunted history to this homes agenda and none has been found. Again if the Barry’s are behind any such stories, one might want to do there own research, save there money and or simply if you wished call them out and question there incredible stories. BUT DO NOT GET SUCKERED BY ANY OF THEM.

References: New owners of Hoover Historic house keystone Paranormal now working with charity fraud suspects?” Pam and Steven Barry. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

Among COVID-19 , Gettysburg Bash offering no refunds to events, if cancelled. Zero refund policy? | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

In light of charity fraud allegations, keystone Paranormal states, they will endorse the Gettysburg bash crew and Pam and Steve Barry. Ends chat with final F*** Y** | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

Gettysburg bash tribute car filled with mannequins, lucky charms, toilet paper and boxes. Not wounded warriors or sick children. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

Gettysburg bash C.E.O and personnel, sending out more threats via social media. Part 1 | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

S.O.S Paranormal to team with Gettysburg bash clan, in spite of A.G charity probe. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)

Gettysburg Bash facing more scrutiny into probable charity wrong doing. Ghost Exchange quiet as Crickets. | Paranormal Herald World News Today (paranormal-herald-magazine.com)


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MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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