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Paranologies paranormal equipment founder in bitter sweet dispute with anyone challenging them over product not being shipped, including adding personal blog attacking Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and others.

Does your business have a refund policy? Do you know if you have to provide one? Can customers get a refund if they ‘change their minds’? apparently Paranologies offers zero refunds and a no refund policy. A business cannot have a ‘No Refund’ policy. It’s against the law to say you will not provide a refund under any circumstances. This includes sales, gift items and even secondhand goods.

Your business does not have to provide a refund for a customer who changes their mind, orders the wrong item, wants to see or try on the item and decides they don’t like it. But there are certain circumstances where you are required to provide a refund.

For the record.”eBay’s policy for sellers is simple. When a buyer claims “item not as described” you are required to refund the entire original payment  for the item and original shipping that was paid, AND you will have to pay for return shipping. If you decline the return or return shipping, eBay will rule in favor of the buyer, and they often just refund the buyer’s money from your account  without requiring a return at all (you said you have a no return policy, which means you do not want it back.) You can decline a return, but you cannot keep from refunding.

On January 8th a personal blog, added by Paranologies equipment company lashed out about them coming under fire for allegedly not shipping buyers equipment. The equipment maker has blamed everything from not working, to having even to much business. In there blog, this is what apparently was said and what had taken place as of most recent.

The below screenshot, is of Steven Barry allegedly who had spoken to Jeremy Jones about refunds.

The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange- “Exchanges” their Policies to better them

The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange- “Exchanges” their Policies to better th – Paranologies

  • Jeromy Jones
  • January 8, 2021

Now from the start of this blog I want to say that Paranologies and myself (Jeromy Jones) has had nothing but the best relationship with the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange. Its not until a couple of days ago that I got a private message from Steven Barry (The owners husband) stating he was needing a refund for an order. I replied with im sorry as you know we don’t and have never offered refunds for any reason but I can get it built soon or give you a credit.

Jeremy jones continues reply stating. “He replied with that is not our store policy and sent me an address for his Paypal account. I reminded him of the terms he signed back in 2016 when he placed his first order with us. 

Jeremy Jones Paranologies founder allegedly states, they will never change there store policies, but at the same time refuses to ship and take care of customers concerns. To blame store policies and even there one time supplier Gettysburg Ghost Exchange.

According to a seen post, the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange has dropped the paranormal Paranologies company, for not fulfilling there manufacturing promises, or for having concerns related to customers not receiving product, or may have simply been wanting there money back.

Jeremy Jones continues his argument stating the following in yet another screen post off his actual site.

Again Steven Barry, asking Paranologies owner why not offer refunds for products like any other company will do such as E-Bay, Amazon and the like.

Paraqnologies post goes on to comment that he donated equipment to Gettysburg Ghost Exchange

Yes customers do wait a long time to get a Paranologies product, Because they are hand made by one person and are very sought after. Everything is listed very clearly on our site to cover these polices but apparently GGE makes their own rules and then changes the rules when it benefits them. 

Paranologies has even donated numerous items to GGE for FREE and to a good cause I might add. We have donated to The WW Project for GGE twice, making custom items for them to auction off to make money. 

According to Paranologies equipment company, they had not offered refunds in over ten years and had always had a zero refund policy.

The moral of this story is, maybe not buying from companies with zero refund polices is a good investment.

References: The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange- “Exchanges” their Policies to better th – Paranologies

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