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Has Stormy Daniels just been spotted ghost hunting in Atchison, Kansas

Yes, the same Stormy Daniels known for her work in the adult film industry and a legal battle with President Donald Trump, is now taking the red carpet to Hollywood’s ghost circuit. What’s not clear, is if she will be keeping her clothes on or off during the filming.

As it turns out, she is launching a show about ghost hunting.

“I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal,” Daniels said.

According to miss Daniels, she has been filming at haunted houses around the country, including a couple of spots in our area. Vickers had been across town at the Sallie House with a mutual ghost hunting contact who put them in touch.

Stormy Daniels ““The funny thing about ghost stories is that. when you talk about an experience, everyone else wants to talk about it,” Daniels said. “Everyone has had an experience and a show gives them a safe way to talk about it.”

According to her website, the new ghost hunting show is to be called “Spooky Babes”.https://spookybabesshow.com/

In what is truly no after shock, Stormy had this to further say or allegedly say” Daniels was there to talk about ghosts, not the president. But, she did have this to say about the election: “The big question I have now is, ‘Who am I voting for?’ I think it’s clear who I’m not voting for, but I’ve been careful not to endorse any candidate. I feel like it could be detrimental to the candidate. I’m just here to entertain.”

A news article involving U.S.President Donald Trump surfaced in January 2018 when The Wall Street Journal revealed that adult film actress Stormy Daniels received $130,000 for signing a non-disclosure agreement just before the 2016 United States presidential election about an affair she had with Trump in 2006. Daniels later signed a statement that both her lawyer and publicist witnessed denying that she had an affair with Trump.

The Independent covered a story on 09/17/2020 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/melania-trump-aide-stephanie-wolkoff-tapes-b1077449.html


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