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BATON ROUGE driver arrested after crashing into psychics business. Psychic states she knew something was weird.

I suppose the old pun “she didn’t see it coming” could hold a little more truth. You would think that if one is an alleged psychic, that person would know if some driver is about to destroy her business right? well not in this case, as WBRZ reports. According to WBRZ news, both the psychic and her grandson were ok.

Full story here. https://www.wbrz.com/news/truck-crashes-into-psychic-s-office-along-college-drive-no-injuries-reported/?ocid=uxbndlbing

BATON ROUGE – An uneventful day wasn’t in the cards for a longtime fortune-telling business near I-10 after it ended up with a vehicle through its front wall.

A truck crashed through the front of The Psychic Room Monday afternoon, which is located at the intersection of College Drive and Corporate.

From Corporate Boulevard, the driver, 42-year-old Derek Lacombe, crossed College Drive and did not stop until colliding with the building. Lacombe was later arrested on DWI and reckless operation charges.

Authorities say no one was hurt in the crash, but two people were inside of the home and business when the vehicle slammed into it.

Those inside included the psychic and her grandson, who both initially thought the loud crash was an explosion.

The grandson says he was in his room while his grandmother was in the kitchen cooking at the time of the incident. His grandmother, cooking chili at the time, was covered in the hot food because of the crash.

She told her grandson earlier in the day that she had a strange feeling, but could not have predicted this.

The two were too shaken to speak on camera following the incident but say the outcome could have been deadly.

Baton Rouge police are investigating the incident.


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