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Former vendor Tim Conwell of Extreme Paranormal supporter of Battlefield Bash bashed Herald host, now left dry over cancellation of said Battlefield Bash event 2020

You just can’t make this stuff up. After you write about events and than talk about how they have unfolded, you still get those who sympathize, who support the said event, even down to beginning to bash and render there said interference into the allegations, that eventually seem to always resurface. In this case one man who leads some unspecific paranormal team Tim Conwell did just that.

He played a nice part in telling his so called paranormal fans to not like myself a man trying to educate and help people avoid being scammed, yah that’s me. Here is what he said in support of the very writing I have had to do, just to help those being cheated.

We often talk of para-unity, but when they themselves get bitten, then they cry foul. In this case there is no para unity for anyone that supports alleged crooks in this field for any reasons what so ever. Telling people to not listen to those people, who work hard to inform the public of some peoples dastardly deeds, it is nothing short of criminal itself. I think I shall call them conspirators.

All anyone had ever asked, was for records to be maid available, so those who had doubts as of the the said validity of the event. The Battlefield bash could have there own said closure. Instead people like this have came forward supporting and backing them as saints and using their own reputations to either con people, or misguide them. The one question they can not mange to ask, is where is the proof, you did not scam and cheat people, where are the receipts, where are the reports, ledgers permits. ,business licenses the works. Why make up lies and state the absolute untruth? That answer is easy, your not conning folks if you don’t lie.

Perhaps anyone commenting nastily like to us, might want to rehash and revisit this article concerning missing funds from the event itself. We have spoken the truth and some won’t like it, but the ones that don’t like it they are the ones to stay clear of for various reasons.


The past few years. I had friends all over the country have been blasted about paranormal crap. There is so many people out there are jelous of helping others.. Paranormal community we all know who we are. Lets stand togather and support our fellow Paranormal Maniacs.. “Hulkmanics” sorry had to come out. Lol. But support Steven Barry and Pamela Barry. They do such amazing work and a great cause Wounded Warriors and kids with cancer! If you have a guy named Evan Jensen!! I blocked him..

  • Jennifer McCart PARAUNITY for sure will stand by what you do, we lost our teammate and good friend due to esophageal cancer and what they do for those kids and the wounded warriors is the best thing on the East coast…
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    • Jennifer McCart Steven K Barry thank you, it will be a year this September 25th from her passing.
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  • Yug Ellehcor Regardless you keep doin’ your thing…F ’em
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  • Evan Jensen I find it interesting, you tell people to block me and how great these Barry’s are. Well will you tell the people who bought tickets and paid for vendors tables that they are going to be paid back they have less than 45 days to pay them back. So for the record asshole, you trash me for doing the right things and back them for being crooks? Prove to all of people who will be looking on this link through the paper, they supported those charities we have absolute proof evidence they infract never did. So chose your slanderous lies carefully, they will come back to bite you people.
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    Paranormal Herald:

    After seeing a few peoples comments I was taken back at first, as if they knew the Barry’s, if so were they than vouching for them? if their event went bad would they be themselves paying people back? I doubted that.

    To make things clearer. I do write about such people and they always seem just and deserving of our said articles. I don’t hold back and will provide accurate details based on the evidence provided.

    Stories linked to this article are the following.








    To be continued:

    Paranormal Herald:

    Some information came to this paper of the original emails sent out from what does appear to be the Barry’s. If this is true, than we must surmise they owed enough people, when they cancelled there 2020 event. That because pam makes a designated 600amonth and Steven Barry is on Disability, they didn’t have money to repay people back?

    From: Pamela Barry <pambarry@yahoo.com>
    Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2019 2:28:50 PM
    To: pattyblatt2@hotmail.com <pattyblatt2@hotmail.com>
    Subject: Gettysburg Battlefield Bash

    Gettysburg Battlefield Bash at The Wyndham Vendor Registration Form Event Date-July 26-28
    Contact: 717-420-5791 or 717-521-7465 pambarry@yahoo.com
    Description of Event:
    ⦁ Benefiting Pennsylvania Wounded Warrior and Heroes 4 Higher
    ⦁ Friday 7/26 set up 8:00am-11:30am Event times- 7/26 12:00pm-6:00pm
    ⦁ Saturday 7/27 12:00pm- 6:00pm
    ⦁ Sunday 7/28 12:00pm- 5:00pm
    ⦁ This is a 3 day event
    The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Information and Requirements:
    ⦁ Space fees: We will provide a draped 6 foot long table NO tape/nails.thumb tacks may be use at anytime to affix advertisements to walls. Fees- $130.00 (2 chairs per table)
    ⦁ All vendor location requests will be considered on a first come – first serve basis and honored whenever possible.
    ⦁ All vendors must check-in between 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. on July 26 and complete set-up by 11:30a.m.
    ⦁ Each applicant will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of their application and fees.
    ⦁ This event occurs rain or shine!
    ⦁ All vendor fees are non-refundable.
    ⦁ All vendors are required to read and sign attached waiver. Please fill out vendor registration completely. (Please make checks payable to The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and in the memo print for event table).
    ⦁ If Paypal is being used please send to Travler02@yahoo.com
    ⦁ Vendor Registration Forms must be returned ASAP
    Thank you for supporting The Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors
    The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Vendor Registration Form
    Pennsylvania Wounded Warrior Event
    ⦁ Friday 7/26 set up 8:00am-11:30am
    Event times- 7/26 12:00pm-6:00pm
    ⦁ Saturday 7/27 12:00pm- 6:00pm
    ⦁ Sunday 7/28 12:00pm- 5:00pm
    Vendor Name:__________________________________
    City: __________________State: ________
    Website______________ ______________
    Zip_____________E-mail ____________________________
    Nature of Business & Description:_____________________________________
    The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and The Gateway Wyndham and/or its staff, reserves the right to refuse any vendor application. The Vendor shall hold harmless The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, The Wyndham, The Gateway Gettysburg their agents, board members, staff, volunteers, sponsors, and releases from any claims, damages, losses, liability or expense which may arise, and shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, vandalism or any other loss or injury whatsoever or not specifically described herein, whether past, present or future. Exhibitors must make provisions for safeguarding their goods. Please sign to acknowledge that you have read all the information, rules and regulations and agree to be bound by this contract.
    Please complete this form and email to: pambarry@yahoo.com
    or Fax: 717-420-2093
    OR mail to 1015 Baltimore Pike Gettysburg Pa. 17325
    Paranormal Herald:
    Keep in mind this event merely 60025 bucks had been allegedly donated and only of that said was 25 bucks by the Barry’s them selves. If that was donating to wounded warriors and sick kids I don’t know what was?


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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