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Should pedophiles be given the firing squad India case sets new precedent over social medias lack of concerns. Also see the Daniel Rumanos story! #Pedophile In The Paranormal.


If any person had ever thought that stiff penalties for pedophiles had not been granted and that social medias lack of caring seemed to be that all surreal realities facing our children on social media and that were not being taken seriously. Perhaps a recent case from India, where one man was charged with abusing at least 300 kids from 9 to 17 will. It sets a new precedent on what in many peoples opinions should be done to these types of serial attackers.



French Pedophile Accused Of Molesting 300 Kids Faces Death By Firing Squad In Indonesia

A French man is facing execution by firing squad in Indonesia after he was accused of molesting and beating over 300 children.(TMU) – A French man is facing execution by firing squad in Indonesia after he was accused of molesting and beating over 300 children. The suspect, 65-year-old Francois Abello Camille, was arrested in a hotel in Jakarta last month. Upon further investigation, police found numerous videos on Camille’s laptop, which showed him molesting many different children, who were estimated to have been between the ages of 10 and 17.

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According to the global anti-trafficking network ECPAT International, an estimated 70,000 children are victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation every year in Indonesia.

Just days ago another an had allegedly came into focus, as he is an alleged self describing himself, as a Hebo pedophile as if that is something that should make his mommy prouder or something. I say just say it, he is a man that loves under aged children the younger the better.


His latest name, the one he says he prefers, is “Dr. Daniel Rumanos.” It is one in a string of self-styled names. It appears he was born Ronald Lee Mershon Jr. and that he legally changed it to Daniel John Moran III in 2004, the year he says his mother passed away.

On October 31st 2012. A man named Ron Mephisto A.K.A Daniel Rumanos, A.K.A Ronald Mershon, was interviewed by Bob Larson, where he explicitly agrees and states that he has had sex with 12,13, 14 and younger girls. The interview has been pulled from archives so you can hear and know the said truth.


Ron Mershon, aka Daniel Rumanos aka David Roman aka Catrine McKenzie.

Another man now popping up on peoples radar largely because he is a self confessed pedophile ,but also because he has allegedly shared children’s pictures and used their names in explicate blogs and fictional stories. Daniel Rumanos A.K.A Catrine McKenzie, A.K.A Ronald Mershon and many other said aliases. Has been currently being investigated for stealing or allegedly stealing peoples kids pictures of of social media., than using them in his rigid and sick blogs stories.


Ronald Mershon or Daniel Rumanos, what ever name he is using now, has been apparently taking actors, comedians and paranormal people, Their children’s pictures and using them and said names in his writing on his blog the The Rumanos files. As a side note, he uses the names of real people in his “Weird Adventures: The Daniel Rumanos Files” writings, which he claims are social satire. They are just stories. What he writes about these poor individuals does not have anything to do with the truth or their actual character and real lives.

The Baltimore based paper writes further:


Meeting “Dr. Daniel Rumanos” face-to-face

can be somewhat of a letdown. He is, after all, someone who once claimed to cast Satanist spells so that 12-year-old girls would have sex with him and who, when setting up a meeting with a reporter, says, “I will be the one who resembles Rasputin.”

Rumanos, who says he grew up in Baltimore Greektown neighborhood, hands over a business card for his “occult investigations” practice, which lists “demonology, exorcism, psychic research, UFOs, ghosts and hauntings, [and] spellcasting” as his areas of expertise. His chosen meet-up spot, the Pura Vida Organic Coffeehouse at Levering Hall on the campus of Johns Hopkins University, plays to his tendency to suggest he’s connected to the storied and reputable research university.

His Facebook profile, which lists more than 900 friends, gives his TinyURL as “JHUParanormal” and claims he’s studied there. In fact, he explains, he hasn’t. “I happen to live in the neighborhood, so I’ve kind of used it as a home base for a couple of years.”

It’s merely a rhetorical distinction, though, since Rumanos studies wherever he is, which, these days, happens to be in and around Hopkins. For a while he called himself “Archabbot Daniel” of the “Old Orthodox Hermitage of Saint Jerome” in Baltimore. Turns out, the “hermitage” wasn’t a brick-and-mortar abbey where he gave himself over to religious study and reflection; it was, well, himself.


“That was the name of my hermitage when I was under the vows of an orthodox monk,” Rumanos explains. “That’s basically me.” (During the fact-checking process, Rumanos added a wrinkle to this statement: “A hermitage is the residence of a solitary monk or hermit, not the monk himself.”)

It’d be deeply unfair to call Rumanos a con artist, but he is a showman. In addition to doing radio-show appearances and performing a Satanic ritual onstage at the Ottobar in 2000, he was featured in 2007 on the television show

Coast to Coast AM

Setting all things aside, if this man was not what people had been accusing him of, how could a person as this write such horrible language and all concerning young teens and most importantly our children out there?


To be continued!


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.
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