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Gettysburg Battlefield Bash cancels 2nd event in a row. We saw this with Ryan Daniel (Denial) Buell also.


84693821_172185050873022_7823151499369775104_nAfter the owners or alleged owners of the all to familiar Gettysburg Battlefield bash had cancelled there event. Rumors began to speculate, that the event had been cancelled due to the Wyndham and covid-19 virus, but after speaking with the Wyndham hotel, they stated for the record, they had not cancelled the event, that in fact the Barry’s had done so. No surprise as Pam Barry had posted we are working with the Wyndham to reschedule our event for 2021. The owners of the paranormal entertainment event instead stated. “We will be refunding all ticket sells and venue tables revenue sold.

With Steven Barry on disability and his wife, Pam Barry allegedly only making 600 a month, we found it interesting that they would have enough left over funds to do such. Many people, have speculated over this past year, that there was something wrong with the planned event from the beginning. With what looked like charitable backers no longer present, many also had wondered if the bash was in financial trouble.

After seeing several posts pertaining to the said bash and that since they had cancelled the bash, they were inviting people to come to there next event this weekend. To hang out at the lookout house. Once again people had decided to come from all around, but earlier today, they posted that event had been cancelled due to Pam Barry’s husband was in the hospital. If this is true we wish him well. First of all and if it is not, well they can pay the devil his dues.

It is nothing new. Ryan Buell claimed cancer before scamming people. Even stating he was at the devils front door. Later it was known ,he had become an alleged drug addict, even being arrested for domestic violence. Than later he allegedly had entered into drug rehab.


The strange and irregularity of what I would call show fright, you know when they just simply do not show. This concerns me and should concern others. Many people had second guessed that the Barry’s had owed a lot of money for rented tables, people purchased table space, but no event and the same for vendors and other fees. Travel, hotel and even plain fares. It had seemed the Barry’s were making good with there next event, but something told me, how could they sponsor an event to cancel the one prior blaming the covid-19 virus? This time Pam the said C.E.O,  used the said excuse, that her  husband was ill.

It just did not make sense to claim the governor made new restrictions and that it was to dangerous to do there event, than book a new event? did the virus disappear in a week, had new alleged sanctions disappeared? No? if not what propped them to try to do another event, when it is said they owed money to the first one already? this is where folks began to speculate that the Barry’s had defrauded everybody. With promises and what seemed to be broken guarantees. They had collected money, but they were not going to return it. If they planned on returning all there refunds, why did they Waite until the last moment to cancel than?

Pam and Steven Barry, both stated due to covid-19 they cancelled there event for 2020.”See you in 2021” they stated. Just days later made online social posts stating they were doing an event at there lookout house. There is even some speculation at the fact of whom owns the Lookout house .

I saw they said they cared about there guests and covid-19,so what actually changed between than and them doing another event this weekend. It had appeared if lies were like chocolate, they would all be big and fat.

109431531_2639870922995135_8989742254751495396_n (1)

With allegations comes speculation and the bases for needing the clarity so many deserved. In some cases, you may never truly get that clarifications one seeks. With ever persisting issues and the owners of the said event. The Battlefield bash had began late last year to try to bring there event to speed and fought desperately to play the old sad song, that they had did nothing wrong.


September of 2019 had sparked a few different investigations into possible charity fraud and the bash working as a not for profit business. Questions began to rise, how donated items had never been sold, but still ended up back with the events owners.

Sometimes the little things do matter. Like the idea of raising money for charitable causes or for your local soccer team. Whether the event is a ticket sale, sandwich sale, or even a major blow out, the factors remains the same in declaring the event a success or not. Selling certain items that were either donated towards the event or raffling the items off for a chance to win them seems to always produce a good outcome. However in the case of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, a particular item was stated as making its way into not one event, but two events and still ending up with the CEO Barry family again. Hmmm.





MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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