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Years after Paranormal States star arrest and fall from Paranormal Television, Ryan Buell still not making amends for scammed events


It seems like a decade of promises and IOU’s from Ryan Daniel Buell, who once was known as denial Buell, over alleged events that he had not held and had continued to pocket event goers money for. The excuse in the end surfaced and Buell’s popularity had went to sub zero.

After shocking revelations of prior alleged drug use and the fact Buell had mislead the public and his fan base about having cancer had come to light. The focus was than on people getting their money returned and to be recompensed for lost money paid out for many paranormal events Buell had been accused of ripping people off. Many event goers had purchased their tickets by PayPal and way of Visa months in advance. This led to Buell being able to retain the money, because of a 30 day period, where the fans or event goers, whom had bought tickets could have reversed their payments and funds to their individual accounts. This had happened in Canada and in the United States.

On April 19th A hard hitting article read”


Looking at the said history of an alleged drug addict and complete conman, people should wonder if the latest announcement made by PRS, is worth a true grain of salt. Ex Paranormal State star Ryan Daniel Buell. A now certified crook and alleged ex druggy made announcements, they were looking for haunted cases to film.

I can not imagine having an ex druggy and an ex alleged conman inside my home, my castle. How does anyone ever trust a person, who has taken money, scammed, lied and cheated his own fans. Not the fact he allegedly had lied about cancer and even told a national syndicated magazine he had pancreatic cancer? He claimed “death was at his back door”. No that was just Sergey apparently.

As far back as July of 2014 Buell had come under fire from his own co-stars and former  friends. Chip A well known actor and TV psychic spoke out against Buell.


After Buell had been blasted all over the internet and news segments, he has still to this day not paid back or attempted to correct his wrongs.

In 2012 an article accompanied with others brought the news of Ryan Buell and his drug addiction.


Ex-paranormal State stars questions may now be over, this past year they had come to surface and people began to wonder, if the man had a serious drug addiction or if he had cancer, as that is what he himself had once so stated in interviews and on social media.

Pancreatic Cancer: Ryan Buell Diagnosed 

The past year had been a major turning point for the once popular A&E star. He was charged with stealing a Hertz rental car, then was recently charged in a domestic abuse case.


With Buell now doing events and again being [positive in a negative light, he has still refused to accept accountability and repay, those he owed a lot of money to., So some use the sympathy card and say he is a recovering adduct. I say ok that is wonderful, but drugs and being a scum ball does not exempt him from repaying his debts to everyone, hotels, venue holders and guests he took their money from.

After reviewing some of Buell’s pages on Facebook, they are now set that only certain members can now see them.


Howdy all! Our first event for the 2020 year will be in spooky SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, February 27th-March 1st! We’ll be investigating THREE locations (Sorrel Weed, Davenport House Museum and Moon River Brewery), exploring the town’s history, going on haunted tours (one of which will be in a hearse) and much more! This will be a great opportunity for people who like to investigate! We just put tickets on sale and you can learn more info by going to www.prsevents.com ! We have a Thursday add-on night limited to 13 people and we have five of those left! We hope to see you there! More to come!


On December 2020 Buell posted on his events page he was back and his first event was to be held in SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, February 27th-March 1st! There was not any clear mentioning of any special licenses of any kind or supported insurance to be had for this event. What was duly noted, was Buell was once again making money and should be able to soon pay his debts to a lot of people he allegedly stole from.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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