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Gettysburg Bash to hold event in spite of states mandated orders. Wyndham hotel don’t care either? Pennsylvania still Green.


The Barry’s whom are both the C.E.O of the Gettysburg Bash, have for the past few years, been under heavy alleged scrutiny over probable miss-appropriation of charitable donations. Due to the pandemic hitting every sate hard, actual investigations into their alleged crooked and or shady dealings had been at a stand still. At least until now, where it looks like A new chief in charge has entered the AG offices there.

With the magnificent duel, still accepting funds for their said bash, and most likely having to use those funds f0or general living expense’s, their can be little doubt, that they will open and hold their event no matter what condition their perspective state is in.

Prior articles written about their alleged shadiness can be found here.



In an open news release. News Release Date: June 11, 2020 The state of Pennsylvania has released its state wide mandated orders. No more than 250 people in any one gathering. It went on further to say” The health and safety of our visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners continues to be paramount. At Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower National Historic Site, our operational approach will be to examine each facility function and service provided to ensure those operations comply with current public health guidance and will be regularly monitored. We continue to work closely with the NPS Office of Public Health using CDC guidance to ensure public and workspaces are safe and clean for visitors, employees, volunteers, and partners.


With the big brother being the watch dog for this pandemic, we have to wonder would any real certified business be stupid enough to not follow these said guidelines? We think we know specifically of at least one group, who has been no stranger to turmoil and slander and just plain allegedly scamming folks, was and is  the Gettysburg Bash.

If the entire state says no more than 250 people at any one event and this group, held by Pam and Steven Barry are offering if we we were to do the math it is 100 event tables 2 people at each table. That’s 200 people, not including event staff, clients, customers and or event guests.

The one good thing coming from this is, The military’s park released a statement and apparently all eyes will be on these types of events. Good luck to the Barry’s than.


CDC has offered guidance to help people recreating in parks and open spaces prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We will continue to monitor all park functions to ensure that visitors adhere to CDC guidance for mitigating risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19 and take any additional steps necessary to protect public health.

the hotel where this larger than Covid life event is to be booked through for lodging and what not.





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