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The Hidden Truth About Bookbaby.com part 2 Accused of editing peoples proofed scripts without permission.

written By E.Lee jensen.


After doing just a wee bite more research on Bookbaby a self publishing company for self publishing authors. I began to get the solid impression, they have had no problems alienated their would be self publishing authors, if it fit their agendas. The truth is as I look back on the content they discussed with me I asked what is their agenda, they stated Amazon and them will work together to pull any conspiracy book in specific regards to Covid-19.That sure the hell made no sense what so ever. Keep in mind we already entered into and agreement. so many printed and delivered books the pricing of each book e.c.t.

I felt that since Bookbaby is a self publishing company, they were being paid to make the E-book and print the paperback books as well as what ever else they were designed to do. I felt as  Bookbaby had no true business degrading the book stating they won’t publish it, than stating it was Amazons fault that they would remove the said book. How can they remove a book not even printed yet? I will tell you what it was. I called them out and they got defensive right away.

After realizing the company reps and one in particular Ramona with her email informing me basically they had my money, but were not going to refund me, I had to than file theft charges on Bookbaby and  now my bank is refunding the amount they actually owed me.

The truth shall set you free as they often do say. One such review on Bookbaby’s own website just about the same time I myself had my issues May 29 2020 stated the following. Quote”


In December I bought $400 in Facebook…

In December I bought $400 in Facebook ads. So far, these ads have resulted in one or two book sales by May. This was totally worthless and a waste of money. The original proof I received was laughable and I had to correct it and make it worthwhile and look like something that might attract readers. I view this as just another money grab by people promising independent authors some marketing progress only to find it was worthless.
If you can’t produce results when people are locked down for virus protection and looking for something to do, how bad of a job did you do?
I sent an email indicating my dissatisfaction and go no response from Patrick A. at Bookbaby.
This book gets great reviews. All but two are five star reviews. What does it take for Bookbaby to do something with it.

Good ebook distribution, bad ebook conversion.

Good ebook distribution, bad ebook conversion. It took FOREVER for them to respond to my basic inquiries regarding ebook conversion. 2-3 days response time… and that’s *business* days. Maddening.

Yet another review stated worse than 1 star, I never thought it could be worse than 1 star, but it is what I felt as well.


Worse than one star

I used bookbaby several years ago when I was just starting out in the publishing industry four years ago. Two years ago after learning more about the industry , I wisely moved on from Bookbaby and went to another POD company to continue publishing mi series. So glad I did.
I really wish you had the option of using negative starts because Bookbaby deserves it.
First of all, their prices are exorbitant. And this is where Bookbaby takes advantage of newbie authors, nickel and dining you for everything. Their prices to print one book are several times higher than other platforms and they come with a lot of hidden fees.
They charge authors for an ISBN where other platforms are giving away for free. Because they buy ISBN’s In bulk, they get them for a tiny fraction of the cost of one. But they certainly don’t pass along their savings to you.
They were unable to meet any deadline for my launch date, though they assured me they could.
And if exorbitant fees, cutthroat business practices and poor customer service wasn’t enough , it gets worse.
As part of one of their exorbitant publishing packages, they formatted my book. And then censored part of my manuscript, demanding that I take out a scene. Huh? Excuse me? I’m not paying you to edit my work bit format it.
All in all, it was a horrible experience and I would advise any would be author to avoid this company. Run. Don’t walk from Bookbaby!

Another bad review sated this”

2 stars: Poor


I didn’t get much for the Money

I’m happy with what BookBaby delivered, but I just don’t think that it was worth what I had to pay them. The formatting was OK, but certainly nothing special. I will definitely not use BookBaby again, I will go with IngramSpark, or another route because for my book I had to pay a $3,000 minimum, and ended up with 50 paperback books that I really don’t need. I also purchased their “marketing” package and for $1300 I got three one hour phone calls with a marketing consultant and “follow-up” e-mails that were somewhat helpful, but not worth $1300. BookBaby support was not that great either. They sent out an e-mail announcing they would be responding to their customers through the COVID-19 crisis, but my e-mail to their support team, on a very important issue, went completely unanswered

The other day” I had seen a few more complaints all similar in nature to mine.

Another 1 star review showed the following compliant.”

1 star: Bad


I think your services have been very…

I think your services have been very poor and very expensive. The ability to reach you or speak to someone has been impossible. The list of services outlined in your “packages” for the price quoted were then rejected and an additional cost were required. your company should be reported to a Better Business Bureau for false advertisement. I cannot believe that you are still in existence. Totally, totally disappointing!

I as well had the same issues we were quoted one price and when they got done it was raised more than a hundred dollars. They than changed the quote to match there new fees without even asking me. and all along the while we had already entered into a book plan and kit to publish. One more poor review stated the following”

Started out great….now downgrading my review…

Update March 19, 2020….BookBaby still has not responded to my query and the agent was quite rude on the phone and interrupting when I called again today. I have given up on BookBaby and I will not use them in future projects. Down to a single ⭐️.

Update early March 2020: BookBaby has not addressed my problem of not having books/inventory available for sale on Amazon. When told of the matter, it still does not appear to be a priority to BookBaby….but it is to me! So I am reducing to 3 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.

My First Opinion Jan 2020:The process of ordering was very easy. The only delays were in my preparation and fixing of formatting that was required. Since I am not an experienced author or publisher, I was not familiar with the formatting, imbedding, and other potentially complicated factors involved when preparing a manuscript to be converted to a book. When I would get a query back from BookBaby to fix something, I really did not know how to do it. There were videos provided by BookBaby in some areas, but I still did not understand. I would have liked more personalized help….someone to talk to, a real person, on the phone to help guide me. I am sure it only would have taken a few minutes to help me. I discovered the fixes on my own, but it took a great deal of time and stressed me out.
I was initially happy with the overall service and the finished product!



1 star: Bad


Skip them

Would not use again. Ordered 100 copies. Half the order, Book cover came out misaligned, offered no resolution.



Reply from BookBaby

Dear Lorena,

We are sorry to read your review. When you were here at our facility picking up your printed books you discussed your your book cover in person with our team. We explained that your cover did meet tolerances for your design/files and we discussed an alternative design choice that might better meet your vision for future print runs.

We’d love to discuss this with you. Please contact the team anytime to review.

The BookBaby Team

Paranormal Herald”
I would have to say, they did a great job covering up their 5 star reviews, but after looking at the total amount of reviews, it seems according to their own sites, that 5 percent of these reviews were all 1 star reviews, with either poorly related relations, book editing issues or people not satisfied with the sites performance. Among such individuals have stated Bookbaby does not care for their own people or self publishers as long as they have your money.

Further 1 star reviews even reveal more.”

I have used for the second timeBookBaby…

Editing a book is not easy and many companies try to offer editing services. Although I have used many services in this area I have not found good services and BookBaby is no exception. And the way they manage customer services make it even worst… And, I confirmed that I have tried two times to BookBaby for line editing services and the result did not reach the expectations. I paid $10 for what i will call just editing. But, editing is $3 a page. I have asked for some explanation because I truly received one comments based on the footnote rules. I have not receive anything else. So, you download your document and wait for the markups and editor note. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BookBaby if you look for line editing your book. I try to explain my frustration but Customer Service provided me with a really poor response. I talked to a sales rep. but after that nobody will reach you to share comments or ask questions. In addition, the the poor edits were not delivered on-time. I trust Trustpilot so hopefully my review will be listed to inform potential prospects of what they can expect.


The 1 star reviws have compiled to a staggering amount.

1 star: Bad

Buyer Beware-Dishonest and Irrelevant Company

1. Is reactive. They don’t ensure your book will be available on Amazon and other sites as promised. YOU must be proactive if you want to have success using this company.
2. Staff is friendly but impotent. They’re so sweet on the phone but the whole operation is a bait and switch.
3. BookBaby works like a crooked politician or a mafioso. Check out their tactics to low reviews on this site: they search for any possible mistake and blame the purchaser. They don’t take responsibility.
4. They also don’t keep up with their promises. Steven Spatz promised to match prices from his competitors but they make up lies to wiggle themselves off that hook.
5. They overcharge for the services they provide such as their metadata optimization. It’s a complete joke.

Pull back the covers on this company and you’ll see they are a useless middleman overcharging uninformed consumers. Other providers offer relevant services at cheaper costs and are direct–no middleman.

The biggest issue I also had with Pdf proofs from them they never worked right i had thought it was my computer, but it wasn’t.

1 star: Bad

Terrible System, Bad Service

If I could give zero stars I would. No matter how many times I refreshed or uploaded our changed/final documents, the website never showed the proper PDF. Finally in desperation, I approved the one they had because one of their service agents told me… no, ASSURED me it was the correct one. After spending $2000 we got the books and of course they are wrong. I am demanding a refund and suggest you shop elsewhere for your books



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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