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When asked about specific refunds, Steven Barry C.E.O of Gettysburg Ghost Exchange had this to say. And it wasn’t nice either.

When asked about specific refunds, Steven Barry had this to say.

By Evan Jensen.

The Paranormal Herald sat and had to think to them selves, what does it take to get an honest response from an alleged crook? The answer was self explanatory. not only did we not get any sort of answer, but the C.E.O of the Gettysburg Bash responded, by name calling and making fun of myself because I have no teeth. I also was photo shopped and called a drag queen? and pervert, among other things.

The screenshots, were left on The Paranormal Herald Facebook page, for confirmation, he did send nasty stuff to us via social media. Keep in mind, it was in way of asking about specific refunds, do to this world wide pandemic that we are all in right now..

Why the derogatory remarks, social shaming and all that.Just answer peoples questions about getting refunds and stop acting like some juvenile buffoons’.

Was it because we showed Steven Barry next to his limo and touring car, while he collected disability from the state? So After doing some checking, we found no special department of motor vehicle licensing that is required to even drive people in  his limo?


Steven Barry on Disability, but proudly shows there Hallowed Ground tours. As bill Cossby once stated, proof is in the Pudding.

Now calling me a drag queen? what does that accomplish? minus showing his IQ level to be next to zero.

I am no drag quern, but if I were, would that be and O.K thing to do to belittle me that way? so does that then mean Steve Barry belittles anyone he sees fit as being different. I supposed the largest question is, is it acceptable to poke fun at gay people?. In todays society, you have those people who are simply ignorant individuals and by his memes and wording calling me a pervert and then the photoshopped drag, dress picture, it certainly shows his true ignorance.

The single most important thing I needed to inform folks of, was the true disposition of the Barry’s and how they will attack you. If they are challenged or asked for documentation, they will act out, They will post derogatory as you have seen by these screenshots.



Yesterday an article was written asking about said refunds, with events being cancelled and so forth around the country and people being forced to not work and stay home. The Corona virus has damages every American and so the article was written in good taste with real concerns on how people will get refunded, if there events were cancelled.

People, have been asking what hype of people run this so called bash and so instead of my hearsay I wanted to show folks, so there was no questioning, as to there social misconduct as well, as the bashes own credibility.

Here is an article, that clearly shows just the type to not take seriously.



The following screenshots,are of the comments by the then and once listed C.E.O of the Gettysburg bash. Steven K Barry.

Here is another screenshot of the Gettysburg bash and Ghost Exchange owner Steven K Barry..

I have no ideas about any Chinghai tunnels,other then somebody is full of shit. all you have to do is call those friends yes they are friends of mine and they will tell you Steven here is simply that a liar and fool, for spreading false accusations.Then again what do you expect from two conmen?


No matter how you want to slice it, during this pandemic, not much will be done law wise, but after the storm ends and it will end others, who have blatantly defied true paranormal ethics, will be held accountable.

We have seen much in the way of paranormal frauds, from Paranormal State star Ryan Daniel Buell,to many others. in the end,they always get caught,it might take some time,but keep in mind nobody is exempt from capture.Steven barry,has defied social security fraud, eluded charges so far on charity fraud and deception,and even eluded charges as we know it of making lude threats,or having others make them.Even though reports have been made,at this time,we still do not know if anything has been done. This is exactly why we make sure our articles stay up and send a message to those would be crooks.

The one thing the Barry’s had not done,was actually answer any real questions brought on by there public.Let’s rehash the true question,that was proposed to them just yesterday.

Among COVID-19 , Gettysburg Bash offering no refunds to events, if cancelled. Zero refund policy?


Grocery stores remain open ,but on what I would call lock down hours and people had designed times, they could get there food or needed items. Yes America and the entire world, is been sentenced to a complete shut down. Life as most knew it, has stopped. A total stand still.
Governors and mayors, as well as leaders of businesses large and small, stepped into the leadership vacuum to make difficult decisions affecting their constituents, employees or customers. In the absence of unambiguous guidance from the president for the citizens he was elected to lead, the frustration of governors boiled over.
And then on Monday, nearly eight weeks after the first coronavirus case was reported in the United States, Trump conveyed that he at last recognizes the magnitude of the crisis that is threatening lives across the nation, disrupting the economy and fundamentally upending the daily rhythms of American life.
Months ago, one seemingly popular attraction the Gettysburg Ghost Bash, had began taking tickets and accepting funds for there events this summer the Gettysburg Bash. On there one website, they had stated repeatedly that there are zero refunds. The whopper of a question to all concerned is even though there is a mass pandemic, does it mean they will hold true to there no refunds policy? even during a pandemic crisis such as this?
With the C.D.C and the I.D.C both stating, this lockdown and Virus might last well into the summer months. Many individuals, who have paid way ahead if time for there paranormal events, could be well out of there money for good. After looking at many sites and tours in the paranormal, we had found virtually nobody offering solutions to the return of money, that vendors and guest and even paid speakers, would want to know. Where did there money go?
A few people who had purchased tickets, had expressed that they wanted there money back, because food and paying basic needs, was going to be tough. Again the Barry’s have a no refund policy. One can wonder, even though posted, do they have that power to even not repay people during a time of scare and pandemic crisis? With businesses closing down and folks now out of work, can they get there money back, to help pay for needed food and other items, rent included?

Some people have speculated, that the money that the Barry’s had already received, had also went to there own needs such as rent, food and so forth and that refunds might not be available, as they had quite possibly already depleted those funds ,they had allegedly already received.
With president Trump stating that this shut down could last way into the latter summer months, June, July or even August, the statement had left little doubt, That these so called paranormal events would becoming to A halt. Hence came the question of them getting there honey money back.

Back to the story!

I was  looking at my Facebook pages, cause I received an alert that Steven Barry had responded.I knew,from his prior posting,that it was going to be something rude and  it surely was.He responded with threats, as is the norm with these types of people.


What seemingly bothered me,was the mans referencing to ten year old children,the man seems infatuated with them and uses there ages to make postings about others.It is rather strange a grown man would even use the referencing to make some sort of point?But then again we are talking about Steven Barry,who has had some sort of incident with children. So I had been told.

The Paranormal Herald is going to find out shortly,just what that was.



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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