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Should kids be allowed to investigate extremely haunted locations? a very controversial subject

Should 12 year old’s  be allowed to investigate extremely haunted locations? a very controversial subject.

By Evan Jensen.

One of the most controversial subjects one should be thinking of. I can not imagine introducing a 12 year old, or any child to what may lay inside the after life. The Hinsdale house will tell you, we have no issues with it.

True to the said word, there are more issues at hand from doing ghostly research or ghost hunting, then one would think.

Mental Effects
Mental breakdowns can occur from paranormal investigations. We took on a case a few years back of a person who started watching all the ghost hunting TV shows and decided he was going to go out to a few claimed haunted locations to try and capture a few EVP (electronic voice phenomena). To his dismay, when he listened to the recordings he discovered that he had actually captured a few interesting voices. Well, one thing led to another and he became so obsessed with capturing EVP that he started doing it in his own home and, again to his dismay, he was capturing voices on his recorder.

After a while, he actually started hearing voices with his ear and not on his recorder. This is when we were called in. We did our best to help the individual and we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t his house that was haunted—it was him. We told him to stop recording the EVP and to have a cleansing done on the home, but he refused to listen and continued with his obsession.

It eventually got so bad that he cut off communications with his friends, family, and us as well. To this day we have been unable to contact him, but his family has told us on occasion that he is not the same person he once was and that he spends most of his time alone talking to whatever followed him home. Could this be a pre-existing mental illness, an obsessive personality, or an evil entity that found a new victim?

In referencing cases, paranormal theory, is that you need to be watchful and realize that these things can follow you for the rest of your life, there has been movies and many books written that explain perhaps why you would not wish your child to get involved into something so drastically dangerous.

if any would be ghost hunter rectifies that it is safe to do so, think of them as crack pots and nothing further. As if they to are prophets and see and know all. Some have the said theories that kids are always protected. We know that is a load of shit there. Take a look at some of  the most haunted stories in history about kids being haunted, possessed and or having to be exorcised.

The Daily Mail wrote about a famous case involving a young mother and her children, where they all had to have an exorcism. Latoya Ammons. The Demon House.


The exorcist.http://www.the13thfloor.tv/2016/09/22/the-true-story-that-influenced-the-exorcist-the-possession-of-ronald-hunkeler/

William Peter Blatty’s novel THE EXORCIST (1971), speaks about a then 14 year old boy, who was known for the original exorcist story.William Peter Blatty’s novel THE EXORCIST (1971), later adapted into a film by William Friedkin in 1973, sparked an intense curiosity in the world of demonic possession. Exorcisms were rarely practiced before the novel, and film brought the practice to the main stage. So then what was the inciting incident that inspired Blatty to delve into the world of possession? To find out we have to go back to the late 1940s, and the first exorcism ever performed in the United States.

12-year-old set to lead investigation at Haunted Hinsdale House

Hinsdale background.

Background and early history. The Dodd-Hinsdale House was fabricated in 1879 in Raleigh, North Carolina, for city mayor, William H. Dodd. It is a brick house with bracketed eaves, narrow Segmental arch windows, porches, and carved millwork —which are all characteristic of the Italianate style.

Haunted Hinsdale House, The True Story.”The haunted house in Hinsdale, perhaps the most famous haunted house in the area, has all the elements of a good ghost story: a mysterious history, strange sightings, unexplainable events and even an exorcism. Known locally as the Haunted Hinsdale House, this home is packed with spirits, ghosts, and stories that someone or something is longing to share.

Years passed by a few families have lived in the home but didn’t stay for long. Would you want to live in a home that was known for such troubling paranormal activity?
This is where Daniel Klaes chapter in this story starts. Daniel purchased the infamous house and put it back into a functional condition. Today Daniel lets teams investigate the property in hopes of discovering the mystery behind the ghosts who haunt this home. What stories are yet to be told from within the walls of the infamous house in Hinsdale? Only time will tell. Don’s miss this shocking interview. As we talk with the current owner of one of the most haunted and intriguing homes in the country on today’s episode of The Grave Talks.

With all the serious hype on ghosts and a prior exorcism being done.Many and most of the paranormal community feel that kids should not be investigating at least these types of haunted locations.It does seem to the ones making money,or profiting the most from there haunted locations are accepting kids more and more.One person we recently spoke with a well known psychic explained not knowing what is truly on the other side,could harm kids more then these wannabe ghost investigators could know. They use there ghost boxes and equipment,as if it is the single most important type of referencing they can use.

I did not want to mention specific names, as it takes away from the said article and I didn’t want to mention specific names because this article does  mention the word kids. so keeping that private the said topic is one that truly needs to be explored more then it already is. With exorcisms being performed more now then ever before, you would think that ghost hunting is dangerous. I know I as a parent myself would never jeopardies the safety of my own child, so why do ghost hunting parents have no issues with there kids diving into something maybe there own said parents do not fully, truly understand?

The Risks and Dangers of Paranormal Investigation. Are there any metaphysical dangers?

The metaphysical dangers of an investigation are real and should be taken seriously. If it were only the physical and emotional things to worry about, then this field of study could be done by almost anyone … but that’s not the case. Sometimes things we are looking for are there, and more often than not these things can and do follow us home at the end of the night. This is where the dangers come in.Yes, ghosts, spirits, demons, and any other entity can attach themselves to you and follow you home. You need to keep in mind and be open to the fact that if there are good spirits, then there are bad ones as well. Most times the evil entity starts out claiming to be the spirit of a deceased person or someone who died tragically. This way the evil spirit can sucker the unsuspecting ghost hunters into believing that they are helping a spirit by communicating with it. This gives the demonic or negative being more energy to manifest into something that the unsuspecting did not count on. The act in itself is to trick you into thinking it is friendly, and this can go on for some time, or at least until the negative entity or demonic force feels that it has your full trust.



The Haunted Hinsdale House







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