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Walking away clean from missing money’s 2013 Parafest, facts surface 7 years later.

Paranormal Herald:

First and foremost.I am dedicated to seeing these injustices brought to light may it be by the legal system, the public awareness, or ultimately both. No one deserves being taken advantage of !

Facebook Neo Nazi communists, yah say that again. It is really fancy wording for saying Facebook is the new government controlled ,regulated site, if they don’t share your views, they will aggressively block you, report you and or threaten to take down your pages and sites. It is the standard deniability, that has seemingly swept across this nation. Deny, Deny, Deny seems the common ground when confronted.

We saw this with former Ryan Daniel Buell (born April 15, 1982) whom is an American paranormal investigator, author and producer who was the main host of the TV show Paranormal State. His deniability went on for years, until it hit mainstream media and his private life became well known and that led up to first the news agency in North Carolina doing a news segment and then him being arrested for domestic battery and him serving jail time for an alleged rental car theft.


Along with there continued deniability, comes threats, false information planted and of course random social attacks, as a direct thinking process to try and divert the facts away from them. Placing heavy scrutiny on the reporter, is also one of the tactics seen.

Welcome to WordPress, they want you blogging and will honor and protect the first amendment to the United States, that being free speech.

This is a story about three little conman, One was all grown up and a said master delusional fella, the other seemed to have baby issues, while the other worked hard on keeping that I am a victim tag going,just to continue to deceive the paranormal public.

Meet Bob Christopher, Steven Barry and Pam Barry of the Gettysburg Battle field bash. Three alleged cons all invested in what seems to be fraying the public and of course, do not forget lining there pockets with the gooses said Golden egg.

As many of you may already know, The Paranormal Herald has come under attack by many of these would be supporters and said employees of this Gettysburg bash. We have came under attack, but do ask why is this? why are we so important, that anybody might want to do some sort of harm to us? the answer is easy. We have reported on there said activities for some time now, there apparent activities date back more then three years now and they are still running illegal businesses, representing they take money for sick kids, Wounded Warriors. The fact is, according to P.A laws, they have to register and that as state records showed, had not been done.

The truth to this matter, no matter how many times I get blocked on Facebook  by them. I will provide accurate detailed information daily. The Herald stands and will stand based on the first amendment.

Everyone has there say and my say so is here. You can call it what you like, but let it be known being a watchdog, for alleged wrong doing, is exactly what all of you invested into the paranormal, should be doing.

It’s just that simple.

Everyone has the right to keep from being chastised for spelling out the truth.

In 2013 a Parafest, that Bob Christopher and Steven Barry was involved in, ended up in ruins. Money went missing, although it wasn’t truly missing, it was used for other projects. Bob didn’t mind, cause they had the fall guy already figured out. The man left holding the bag. Cancelled or returned checks came in and the mans credibility went out.

One man was left holding the getaway bag with empty notes.

The Paranormal Herald had the pleasure of speaking to the man, who was blamed for everything, he seemed very honest and had explained that money was there, but that Bob and others were working on some paranormal show called Ghost Detectives, he said off the record of course, that is when the money went missing and Bob  Christopher began to feud with Steven Barry and others. At that time Steven Barry also walked away before the blame continued to roll down hill.

Mark Tetlow,who also had some dealings go sour had commented on the situation back then, leaving the mess to them. Celebrity guests were not paid and even the now deceased Debby Constantino, had posted about being conned by the duel pair. One very prominent guest was Danny glover, who also was duped into not getting his money.

I supposed if you were any of those guys Steven Barry, Bob Christopher or the like, the event was a success, because they made there money.

The man we will leave his name out of it ley us call him Chad. ,had alleged to us that Steven Barry was as much a part of the Parafest as anybody else, but he was quick enough to disappear, before actually himself being nailed. The man left holding the bag claimed he had to file bankruptcy and suffered foreclosure because of the said damages from the wake of missing money.

Now flash forward 7 years later the Barry’s feud with Bob is over and now on the verge of The Battlefield bash being exposed and reports of charity fraud being examined by the PA. AG office. In comes once again Bob Christopher, they are partners and once again working together.

I wonder what sort of promises were made this time to each other? Oh if the walls had ears. You all might just want to take a ticket, get your popcorn and sit back and watch this.

The question is, what brought the two together once again?Wondering minds should want to know.Any time there has been questions to the missing money issue,there should be some sort of skepticisms,as to will it or can that happen again?

The Herald after checking into some of the links supplied for that late Parafest found them to be either not working or simply shut down.








MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.
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