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Bada Boom, Bada Bing and just like that, they deceived the paranormal public.

Bada Boom, Bada Bing and just like that, we were up and running in no time. That is right. over the past few days, we have had some individuals try and shit down the voice of the Herald. To be honest it, is all scammers and would be paranormal thieves try to do. You know silence that one voice that might elude the authorities to there wicked treacherous conman ways.

Keep in mind, most of these thieving renegades are either borderline  personality disorder types, or straight out narcissist’s. Either way when they are challenged, they will fight with everything they have, because they themselves deem themselves as being superior to anyone else.What will absolutely infuriate a narcissist is when you assert yourself and stand up for yourself. In doing this a narcissists sense of superiority becomes immediately challenged and as such the delicate delusion of the narcissist becomes shaken and unstable.

No wonder! now it all comes to surface.

For those not paying attention, have you ran into some sort of paranormal public figure wannabe, who has scammed some other person? maybe and entire event? did you report or maybe even say something about it on Facebook? better yet did you get blocked for speaking your peace? I surely did and  it told me something as well when it did happen. It told me that Facebook, is ran by a bunch of inbred neo Nazis who allow beheadings and other extremely violent behavior. Have you not seen those beheading videos? I sure have, or maybe some animal cruelty videos or stories of such? Facebook allows this do they not? But yet they and a lot of media stations do not like the truth either. It’s Ok.

Keep in mind, my WordPress site is not going anywhere. Any time soon.


Over the past few days, we have reported on the activities of The Gettysburg Bash and the now L.L.C company. Keep in mind for three(3) years it was not even listed as a said company at least under any true LLC.

The Paranormal Herald has reported several times on the things it has checked on information wise, charity websites for fund raising, the state and governmental listings in P.A and so much more. It always concludes the same thing and we will and have worked vigorously to warn, to inform and to report something is a foul in that department. The Gettysburg Bash. We have been constantly blocked, threatened and harassed over our findings.

The Battle Field Bash group talks about transparency, the only thing being transparent, is that from what is been seen, just maybe it is clear they will take your money With a smile for higher unlearning.

The articles below depict a story told and even though any and all accusations are alleged, we do believe them all to be true. This is one link where a family member stated the group was cleared, but made a mistake because the group was never in the town she posted as it being in.

What’s family for, EH


The link below, shows the readers, who read this article, that as the discrepancies started to pile up, someone was going to be a fall guy. And in our opinion, they were right.



It’s only a matter of time that those involved in the mess that surrounds the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange, the Historic Lookout House (now flop house or whatever name they give it today), and/or the Barry’s business ventures. All this appears to be like a growing zit on the forehead of an adolescent teen. It’s big, bold, and red, forming a huge white head on top. Everyone being drawn to stare at it. The question at hand comes several-fold: One, who is going to pop it and two, how big of a mark is it going to leave.
According to our sources, the Pennsylvania Department of State has received, examined, and confirmed to the Paranormal Herald that formal papers were in fact delivered to the Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office. That same complaint has been distributed and administered to the other divisions of the State Department which include the Charitable Trust and Organization Fraud Department, all of which fall directly under the control of the PA Attorney General. But as explained to the Paranormal Herald, this information has gone to even a higher level. If that is true, then it will only be a matter of time before the IRS and the State Department becomes involved full scale along with their very large hammer that they wield.
Time appears to be important for the “Bash Crew” in order to get their papers in order and their story straight. I certainly hope they’ve secured a stronger source than the Mr. Biddle, whose sleuth work was determined to be about as water tight as a vegetable colander. His ability to twist words and create facts were about as good as any “Fan” could get.
Too much, too little, too late.
Judging from the efforts being exhausted in erasing the old information that was plastered all throughout the internet regarding the bash, their efforts look to be fruitless. According to sources, everything that once was, is still in play. The “too late to delete” list goes on: copies were retained as accusations about the event along with those involved to include those to have benefited.
I wonder if those designated as “Volunteers” and placed in charge of certain jobs understand that the job title comes with luggage. To interject, there are questions coming and answers are going to be needed. This is no longer a case of saints that walk on water, but rather the kid that got caught with his hand in a cookie jar and no one yelled at him.
Especially to those that were to be in charge of a money raising portion of the event and were to have overseen that all things formal were registered. There are several names that came to mind that just made me go, WOW! If the Barry’s make claims all was well but the numbers don’t add up, who are they going to offer as the sacrificial lamb? According to the old saying, “Sh*t rolls downhill”, the fall guy – aka sacrificial lamb – would be the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash’s Volunteer Coordinator, Erik Julian, with the responsibility of accounting for the “Volunteers” and the entire event. If the Barry’s claim that they were duped and everything was fine, that leaves Mr. Julian holding the bag of missing funds. That might sound a little outside of the box, but keep in mind it was Julian that stated no one was paid for their service at the “Bash”. Julian’s profile under the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange had him listed as the General Manager and an employee of the “Exchange” for several years. I don’t recall seeing the public record as issuing a 1099 or W2 for Julian from the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange. Maybe the “Bash” evened the wages owed to Mr. Julian. Just a thought!
This finely woven mess of “Volunteers” for the “Bash” actually makes one wonder if these people thought about or understand their titles and positions are benchmarks for accountability. If you read the finer points that were laid out in the prior article about the ideas of nonprofits vs. charity, you would understand that a “Silent Auction”, is just the same as taking funds at the door. It’s an accountability feature that is about to unfold in detail.
Being a writer for the Paranormal Herald is an eye-opening adventure. Following the leads and footsteps, to checking facts, has been surprising to say the least. But there are a few things in the short time investigating the “Bash”, that have just made me speechless.
From backdated files posted about the Gettysburg Ghost Gals to YouTube videos of Pam Barry that contradict the very essences of honesty. The Paranormal Herald will remain on course as Mr. Evan Jensen has stated several times over. We will strive only for the truth and encourage everyone and anyone the chance to rectify facts with evidence.
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For those still not understanding this posted article, then please continue to do some more reading.



The Gypsies are in town. And, they are not the happy, dancing in the streets, good people that they portray themselves as being. They are more like an unorganized bunch of mafia wannabes, each fighting to take your money while donning a smile on their faces. I can remember as a child my own parents warning me about running off with all the other kids on the block; to chase the carnival when it rolled into town. It was usually followed by the lecture about the underhanded ideas they had about stealing my money, or the great lengths that they would go to tell lies just to make you want to believe them. Sure enough every year one of the kids on the block would have an issue. From being short changed of the $10 bill they gave, pockets picked, being beaten up by several of them at once, to the changing of the rules in a simple game of chance. Maybe it was when one of them kept complimenting about the new bicycle someone had; only to hear about the police report filed the next morning when it turned up stolen… And so goes the stories of the Gypsies. Today the Carnies and Gypsy’s are pretty well monitored. The camera’s placed everywhere, makes it harder to allow these old school players to raom, but in the passions of the paranormal the faces keep changing and everything is done to so many as a blind eye. Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it? Especially when I write the name Kenny Biddle down as a good example!
Let’s take a good look at that. Ken Biddle is known in the paranormal field as the horses ass that stands for only one thing, an unprofessional nothing. This is a guy that has spent hours talking in circles to debunk something that he knows absolutely nothing about. He evens states that his belief in the Paranormal is zero. This is very much relative to this tribe of Gypsy’s that I speak of. He has taken a stance on being the open book of truth when it comes to any issue. He has sided to the fact that his word is bond when it comes to the Barry’s and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. He has provided his statements without ever providing any factual evidence. He has ushered in a wrath of conjecture to any idea that others might simply be smarter than himself. As an uneducated, ill informed speaker he has managed to prove time and time again that his only real talent, is to be associated with others that are just as bad as his own background and record show. So let’s dwell into the next layer of Biddle.
Here is man that is so staunched as to moral fiber that he fails to understand that his connection to others only solidifies his true dishonesty. Let’s talk about lies. He has been caught in so many that he can’t, or better yet, won’t admit to ever doing wrong; from stealing equipment, to intentionally trying to sabotage another man’s company by stealing the design work and copyrighted patents for another. This is the guy that you choose to believe and follow..? It wasn’t long ago that I saw the post that Steve Barry was the new owner of several CnC machines or plastic molding machines, is that the connection? We know that the brain trust between the Barry’s and Paranologies used to be a tight bond, but I’m sure that Barry’s idea was to copy Paraologies plans and build a knock off. Meanwhile it would be Kenny Biddle who would stand to rationalize that his intention were only to bring truth about the product to light, while he put the money in his pocket.. Stupid as a fox wouldn’t say. Ohh and that Band of Gypsy’s lurking around, now total 2, Biddle and Barry. This is your Gettysburg Battlefield Bash supporting personnel. But having only two people doesn’t create a full fledge scam, so who else is involved. What fine upstanding person will be the next to take a cut of the pie? Maybe it’s the “new” guy’s name we’ve heard Bob Christopher? Not really new, but more recently heard of …Again.
Bob Christopher, Ken Biddle and Steven Barry, together again. From what I have read and seen posted all over social media can only be understood as a “real concern”. Bob Christopher drags with him a long list of dark clouds. There were reports that Bob Christopher had his fingers in the money missing from the SalemCon in2013. Steve Barry even posted that the two of them are not friends and that the personal battles waged between them were over money, ties were described as burned bridges and look now. Call it as it seems. One is a thief, one is a lair and one is untrustworthy. That’s not my opinion, but rather just the way apparently everyone else that has posted sees it. Point of the matter is this band of brothers has now increased to three. Since it is Bob Christopher that has spilled his words about the greatness of Pam Barry and talked about true desires of the Barry’s, we can assume that this trusted Band of Gypsy’s and the foundation members of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash is growing into a well formed group; keeping in mind that each brings their own special past that spells out the word “problems”, without much thought. Did you say that you were going to donate this year?
We could go into the other names that are attached to this great traveling Gypsy Group. How about The Tombstone Terror? Now there’s a pillar of the community and another name added to the Bash’s membership. This one’s a no brainer in any sense of the word you choose. The track record speak for itself, from false advertising to theft of services; to fraud and perjury and you still want to believe that nothing’s amuck in this group? How about the addition to Lorie Johnson? She now claims that the world only rotates if she so desires it. The best one is that if any person following the Paranormal Herald’s messages or Facebook pages, should delete her from their page. WOW! It would appear that “Love and Light” uses darkness as the power to control people. With recent events coming to light, Johnson has been calling out the word “Fraud”. Not really sure if it’s directed to her once partner in crime, or if is directed toward this Band of Gypsies that she was, is, or maybe, still connected to, but either way this is what is hooked up to the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and this floating carnival bunch of Gypsies. Sounds like this is just the place you want your kids around.
But who am I to judge. I can only call things as I see them, or how I read them. We can’t forget the beautiful words of inspiration from Glen Williams as he threatened those that spoke of the wrongs that were going on. He and his wife Susan are pillars of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash too. The last picture and video that I saw depicted Mr. Williams smoking a Crack Pipe in his kitchen with his child sitting right next to him. Then there were the great pictures of his wife helping to pack and carry out boxes from the defunct Ghost Exchange Store; that’s right, another case of workers compensation fraud. That back didn’t look too bad then. But from what I’ve seen and read, she’s had a good teacher at beating the system.
The picture of this band of Gypsies isn’t too far off from that warning that my parents beat into my ears as a child is it? I could go on if you’d like but the fact of the matter is you will believe what you want to believe, but don’t expect me to support anything like this or to stop spreading the news when they take advantage of their next con and there will be a next one… They have nothing else.

Some other article links have been posted for review and to gain even more information, into this story.










MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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