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Kenny Biddle slams the Gettysburg Bash in two videos, is now supporting them.

Kenny Biddle slams the Gettysburg Bash in two videos, is now supporting them.

By Even Jensen:

When somebody is so inconsistent in there social rhetoric, it shows a sort of unstableness on there part. That is a fact. For one man, who desperately wants to claim some sort of fame for being that pessimistic tyrant, we thought we could assist him with his endeavors in doing such.

After all,when you make bold claims and can not back them,as Biddle states,they need to be challenged.So does his. So we should ask him to back his.

For the record,one man has stated we are bullying and harassing and stalking them,in his own posting he states that what he does is ok to do and contends the opposite.I wanted folks to see his post,so you know as long as he say’s it is fine it has to be.

Keep in mind, he is Kenny Biddle.


Kenny say’s it is ok for him to write about others, when they write he has a different story, saying stalking, bullying harassing ..

In 2014 Kenny Biddle spoke directly by way of You Tube video against the Battle Field Bash. Now he endorses and supports them?

looks to me, like Biddle got caught with his pants down once again. Or he simply makes up things as he goes along. What ever the case you can’t argue with stupidity. When he called out many, I thought they needed to see whom was doing what in actuality.

It is true,you can’t fix stupid.




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