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A Good Look into The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Family Tree. Rub A Dub Dub 3 in A tub.


CORRECTION: Rub A Dub Dub. There’s Still Three Crooks in the Tub…
By Wiley C. Kronkite.

It would appear that my last article offended a few people due to a Spell Check & Grammar Program. I am not perfect. So, I will make the needed apologies and correct my statement. It should be known that the Prior Article about the Three Criminals in the tub was flawed. To those that I have offended stating the SalemCon 2013 as the location of the wrongful doings was incorrect. For that I apologies and hope that you will consider this as an attempt to right a wrong. This is about as good as an apology as I can offer to SalemCon. As for my statements about Ken Biddle, he remains an alleged Crook, Lair and a Hypocrite for which I can offer his owns writings and words to support. It was Mr. Biddle that managed to cast so much ill will into the wind when it came to the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the Barry’s. He claimed that the Paranormal Herald was Bullying, he screamed that the Herald was picking on them (The Barry’s) and he claims that the Herald was harassing them without cause. However, according to Biddle we at the Herald are just a bunch of “Assholes”. I offer to the “King of Hypocrites and Fools”, to try to talk his way out of his own words. This was Biddle’s own post stating the following.


The funny thing about this is that just about everyone that has seen it knows that applies to only them and not Ken Biddle.

To Mr. Biddle: “Your problem is that you can’t figure out that people can actually see right through your “Bullshit”. You’re not a good thief, as you’ve already been caught red handed. It apparent that you’re not a good leader, as you can’t live by your own words, let alone have someone follow you. And, you are not good at telling the Truth, you are a lair, as you insist on trying to play both sides of the fence until you’re trapped in a corner with no way out”….. Wiley C. Kronkite


The last time I checked it’s about $7.99 for a Happy Meal. Based off of the total financial help received from the Barry’s ($2500.00) to the PA Wounded Warriors, that works out to about 100 veterans getting 3 meals for a day at McDonald’s. That leaves very little for those Critically Ill Children too, (What Charity got funds for the Children?), we all have been waiting to see who they are? So why don’t you put up, or just simply shut up and do something that you are good at; like leach off of somebody else for attention. Since it’s been pointed out that I’m so wrong for dwelling on this scam, by Mr. Biddle; what I see, as like all the other readers, is Biddle’s inability to offer any supportive facts, evidence or experts to testify different. Transparency? There was is no LLC until this past month. That’s right, you swore to all of us that you saw it and it was in hand 5 month ago.. You are a lair. There is no 501c, There is no 501c(3). There are records and there has yet to be an financial audit.. Biddle hasn’t managed to bring anything to light about the missing funds, Even when we (The Paranormal Herald) have confronted him with the facts. My guess is that, Biddle must still hold a glimmer of hope that these people will take care of him. As far as I see, the only thing he has is to hope that he can answer where the funds went to when he gets tossed to the wolves. I say this because Biddle still out there banging a drum for them, I just wonder how much of a cut he’s hoping to get. Mr. Biddle A Fact for You: A lot of People Thought That You Were Smarter Than This… Then you opened your mouth and released all doubt.


As far Bob Christopher is concerned, there was in a typo in the following statement:

“Bob Christopher drags with him a long list of dark clouds. There were reports that Bob Christopher had his fingers in the money missing from the SalemCon in2013.”

It was to have read:

“Bob Christopher drags with him a long list of dark clouds. There were reports that Bob Christopher didn’t have his fingers in the money missing from the Para Fest 2013.”

Christopher’s interests in Para Fest 2013 and his ties to another certain conspirator have left an indelible mark on the Paranormal Society. Both, Steven Barry and Bob Christopher were both involved in the highly discussed rivalry event that took place, leaving only one of the members holding an empty bag to pay the bills when all the money magically disappeared. So I will again reiterate myself that it was not SalemCon 2013 that this infamous spectacle of scams took place, but rather Para Fest 2013 in which Bob Christopher stated to many witnesses of the paranormal in the past, that Steven Barry was directly involved in the entire ordeal over missing funds… It was not Bob Christopher that directly took any funds as misrepresented in the first preview, but it was stated that he knew where the money had gone, but didn’t pursue legal action to stop it. I only question why didn’t he? It would be the opinion of others that seeing something takes place so wrong and not reporting it; makes you just as bad as doing it yourself. It only adds to the reflection of the current ties; I can’t help thinking that money might be the reason for the long time split as it was stated that the rivalry was over money issues. What issue could best describe this reunion, money?

You want the record to be straight, I want the record straight and we all want the truth about issues. I’m the type of person that believes that if you error.. Correct it.

There you have it. I know that I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and neither are any of us, but the fact remains that this group of Scam artists, lairs and thieves has managed to draw back together again. I can see this as a grand con game that it has now extended it motives into higher law enforcement offices, politicians and public figure heads. With a line up like this who can you trust? Certainly, not this band of Gypsies.

If you want to do something good and make a contribution to the Veterans or Sick Children do it through a direct means. There are hundreds of better ways to see your money being put to use other than watching the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash, Dog and Pony show, or seeing them drive around like High Society on your buck. My bet is that if anyone asks them about Para Fest 2013, each would answer that the entire Para Fest 2013 was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. The only exception in understanding would be the one who ended up having to file bankruptcy and face the charges..


It’s just like Ken Biddle speaking of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and the involvement surrounding this scam. He has provided nothing to support his “5 cents” worth of information surrounding it and he continually offers support for an event that has done so much for so many.. Mr. Biddle, How about naming who this function really has supported.

A Good Look into The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash Family Tree
By Wiley C Kronkite


The Gypsies are in town. And, they are not the happy, dancing in the streets, good people that they portray themselves as being. They are more like an unorganized bunch of mafia wannabes, each fighting to take your money while donning a smile on their faces. I can remember as a child my own parents warning me about running off with all the other kids on the block; to chase the carnival when it rolled into town. It was usually followed by the lecture about the underhanded ideas they had about stealing my money, or the great lengths that they would go to tell lies just to make you want to believe them. Sure enough every year one of the kids on the block would have an issue. From being short changed of the $10 bill they gave, pockets picked, being beaten up by several of them at once, to the changing of the rules in a simple game of chance. Maybe it was when one of them kept complimenting about the new bicycle someone had; only to hear about the police report filed the next morning when it turned up stolen… And so goes the stories of the Gypsies. Today the Carnies and Gypsy’s are pretty well monitored. The camera’s placed everywhere, makes it harder to allow these old school players to raom, but in the passions of the paranormal the faces keep changing and everything is done to so many as a blind eye. Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it? Especially when I write the name Kenny Biddle down as a good example!

Let’s take a good look at that. Ken Biddle is known in the paranormal field as the horses ass that stands for only one thing, an unprofessional nothing. This is a guy that has spent hours talking in circles to debunk something that he knows absolutely nothing about. He evens states that his belief in the Paranormal is zero. This is very much relative to this tribe of Gypsy’s that I speak of. He has taken a stance on being the open book of truth when it comes to any issue. He has sided to the fact that his word is bond when it comes to the Barry’s and the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. He has provided his statements without ever providing any factual evidence. He has ushered in a wrath of conjecture to any idea that others might simply be smarter than himself. As an uneducated, ill informed speaker he has managed to prove time and time again that his only real talent, is to be associated with others that are just as bad as his own background and record show. So let’s dwell into the next layer of Biddle.

Here is man that is so staunched as to moral fiber that he fails to understand that his connection to others only solidifies his true dishonesty. Let’s talk about lies. He has been caught in so many that he can’t, or better yet, won’t admit to ever doing wrong; from stealing equipment, to intentionally trying to sabotage another man’s company by stealing the design work and copyrighted patents for another. This is the guy that you choose to believe and follow..? It wasn’t long ago that I saw the post that Steve Barry was the new owner of several CnC machines or plastic molding machines, is that the connection? We know that the brain trust between the Barry’s and Paranologies used to be a tight bond, but I’m sure that Barry’s idea was to copy Paraologies plans and build a knock off. Meanwhile it would be Kenny Biddle who would stand to rationalize that his intention were only to bring truth about the product to light, while he put the money in his pocket.. Stupid as a fox wouldn’t say. Ohh and that Band of Gypsy’s lurking around, now total 2, Biddle and Barry. This is your Gettysburg Battlefield Bash supporting personnel. But having only two people doesn’t create a full fledge scam, so who else is involved. What fine upstanding person will be the next to take a cut of the pie? Maybe it’s the “new” guy’s name we’ve heard Bob Christopher? Not really new, but more recently heard of …Again.

Bob Christopher, Ken Biddle and Steven Barry, together again. From what I have read and seen posted all over social media can only be understood as a “real concern”. Bob Christopher drags with him a long list of dark clouds. There were reports that Bob Christopher had his fingers in the money missing from the SalemCon in2013. Steve Barry even posted that the two of them are not friends and that the personal battles waged between them were over money, ties were described as burned bridges and look now. Call it as it seems. One is a thief, one is a lair and one is untrustworthy. That’s not my opinion, but rather just the way apparently everyone else that has posted sees it. Point of the matter is this band of brothers has now increased to three. Since it is Bob Christopher that has spilled his words about the greatness of Pam Barry and talked about true desires of the Barry’s, we can assume that this trusted Band of Gypsy’s and the foundation members of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash is growing into a well formed group; keeping in mind that each brings their own special past that spells out the word “problems”, without much thought. Did you say that you were going to donate this year?

We could go into the other names that are attached to this great traveling Gypsy Group. How about The Tombstone Terror? Now there’s a pillar of the community and another name added to the Bash’s membership. This one’s a no brainer in any sense of the word you choose. The track record speak for itself, from false advertising to theft of services; to fraud and perjury and you still want to believe that nothing’s amuck in this group? How about the addition to Lorie Johnson? She now claims that the world only rotates if she so desires it. The best one is that if any person following the Paranormal Herald’s messages or Facebook pages, should delete her from their page. WOW! It would appear that “Love and Light” uses darkness as the power to control people. With recent events coming to light, Johnson has been calling out the word “Fraud”. Not really sure if it’s directed to her once partner in crime, or if is directed toward this Band of Gypsies that she was, is, or maybe, still connected to, but either way this is what is hooked up to the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and this floating carnival bunch of Gypsies. Sounds like this is just the place you want your kids around.

But who am I to judge. I can only call things as I see them, or how I read them. We can’t forget the beautiful words of inspiration from Glen Williams as he threatened those that spoke of the wrongs that were going on. He and his wife Susan are pillars of the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash too. The last picture and video that I saw depicted Mr. Williams smoking a Crack Pipe in his kitchen with his child sitting right next to him. Then there were the great pictures of his wife helping to pack and carry out boxes from the defunct Ghost Exchange Store; that’s right, another case of workers compensation fraud. That back didn’t look too bad then. But from what I’ve seen and read, she’s had a good teacher at beating the system.

The picture of this band of Gypsies isn’t too far off from that warning that my parents beat into my ears as a child is it? I could go on if you’d like but the fact of the matter is you will believe what you want to believe, but don’t expect me to support anything like this or to stop spreading the news when they take advantage of their next con and there will be a next one… They have nothing else.

Paranormal Herald:

The necessary corrections have been made to reflect honest reporting. The top article shows the redirected grammar and corrections that were needed. “We thank you”.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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