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Ex ghost of Shepherdstown psychic Lorie Johnson, More drama then worth

If Lorie Johnson had not insulted this paper and stuck by alleged cons, she might not be under any social disputes now. I never had asked M.S Johnson to come to my Facebook page and message me a considerable amount of rhetoric. It went on for a few days, until I decided to take that stand and boy did we.

I want you all to pay attention to the below article, she Lorie claims to be some saint, when in fact, it was her for no apparent reason that had attacked us and others.Perhaps the Herald was getting to close.



The below dribble, was of Lorie coming to my chat messenger and having a field day. She rudely interrupted myself, when I was busy writing about something entirely different. It is interesting, if you hear here tell it, we are bothering her?

LORIE JOHNSON:”Please Evan take I down it’s not true Those woman who told you are trouble makers I love ya to death and don’t want you to be taken down by false bullshit.

“Well it will be now because the woman whom started the cause with the wounded warriors has now called her troops of lawyers for this false accusations. Please take that down and talk to them

Everything is given to the wounded warriors and Terminally ill Children,So what ever you heard is a lie Ask the women Who started it Ask Pam and Steven Barry they will tell you everything They do not hold back They have proof

Paranormal Herald:” the one event they gave a 25 dollar check. Why would anyone ask those people?

Lorie Johnson:I have facts

8/30/19, 10:24 AM first phone call

9/1/19, 4:32 PM     second call.

Paranormal Herald: Not sure I trust you any more either Lorie:

“After repeated messages and even a phone call Lorie still was in pursuit of me and our writing articles in sight of finding out the said truth. She(Lorie) just continued, until an all out social media battle seemed to take place.

I can not forget what Lorie said then and say’s now. A complete turn around. Lorie”I love ya to death and don’t want you to be taken down by false bullshit. she went from that love and light stuff, to being whiny, rude and down right nasty as all can be. Even attempting to gain support, as if she was some sort of victim or something

Hold on. No she is a prophet. A.K.A profit.


Paranormal Herald:

“That’s hearsay not evidence if they were not hiding truth why has Steven removed info he had listed as owner and part owner of I saw it myself and kept there screenshot info with url, dates they still have an electronic signature lorie

Lorie Johnson”

“He hadn’t removed anything he actually posted every license and tax IDs their lawyer has the case now.

Paranormal Herald”
“That’s fine they have permits checked that already at that will revise that part
“One lady is receiving threats of death attorney general now has the case

Lorie Johnson:

“And his brother is the one who came to you and told you lies. His brother lived in his house and he never paid for rent his sister and brother won’t speak to him , his brother moved back with his girlfriend in Florida to flea the lawyers but he’s also getting sued along side anyone else putting out any false accusations and discrimination on them towards the wounded warriors and terminally ill children foundation

“Trust me it’s not one lawyer who’s involved now along with local papers and news

Paranormal Herald:
“Lol ok well more info coming out field day time

Lorie Johnson:

“Trust me Evan they are bringing you I to lies

Para Herald:
He going to show how he on disability made over 80 grand? If it’s her she going to show?

“Please bring their names out so they can take the repercussions no you
“No not yet they havent

“That is what you writing please stop ! They are liar Evan
“They are bringing you into bullshit !!!
“Only posting what is now public record it became public the minute attorney general made it as such protecting article whistle blowers and anyone reporting

9/2/19, 7:29 AM

Longest rant then from Lorie Johnson:
“That’s not true he can and will and does have names and those who are involved will be sued for slander, false accusations, liable , discrimination and attack on the wounded warriors and terminally ill children foundation. People will know who it is and will be taken to no limit adult against the foundations and those who are associated and or affiliated with them in anyway Ill cause harm against the foundations . Those people will be dealt with accordingly to the states across the world who are affiliated with said foundations . Evens I’ve asked you to please be care if who and whom you attack with said those who come to you with Ill attempt to attack the said people who are affiliated with said causes. We have a duty to protect our men and woman who are military no matter past present and our future and as well as our children who become sick and said cause of these ailments which kill our children ever single day. For anyone to question said actions against two people and those who are part of such funding and or causes to create funds for these said causes are disgusting illiterate evil and selfish . They need attention and if they think attacking two people Pam and Steve Barry are going to get away with it will find themselves serving jail time because it is not Pam and Steve who are in the wrong busting their asses to help both causes and yet people want to find bullshit against them for it are blinded by hate and greed. I say to those who are attacking grow up grow a heart and stop thinking if you attack them and anyone else involved is going to cover up your their own bullshit . Because it won’t.

9/2/19, 9:10 AM

Paranormal Herald”

“So them making death threats is ok with you? people have the right to ask questions for the record, there are many witnesses coming forward and people are wanting answers
“For the record writing isn’t illegal if you know I stay on my pages. Unlike some of you people anyways.

9/2/19, 10:58 AM

Lorie Johnson”
“Evan I don’t know where you’re getting your information out but Stephen does not talk like that they don’t threaten anyone you need to talk to them personally because I’m telling you right now you’ve got the wrong people they don’t threaten anybody they don’t worry about what people think when you’re attacking a foundation that they believe in no matter if it’s one two three ten foundations they will stand up for it and they don’t like being called thieves or liars

“I like to know the witnesses because they’re all liars because I know everybody that Pam and them now they’re liars I’m staying out of it I think it’s all ridiculous

Paranormal Herald:
“I been getting harassed by his brother that’s another problem I would think they would be decent there own relative blasted that Steve’s businesses will suffer in posts Steve’s not supposed to have businesses they are falling all over themselves
“Again not attacking anyone there issues are with whom ever not me

“His brother Steve will tell you he’s a liar and a their

Lorie Johnson:
She will tell you that his brother is a thief and a liar

Paranormal herald:

“And I am investigating him to these folks need to chill and let me work

“Him who Steve’s brother he has nothing to do with the event or the fundraiser he moved in Steve’s and Pam’s home and took advantage of them then they told him he could rent free so he had to leave he started shit against Steve and Pam and patty and Cher deminoco and glinda who all needed Steve and Pam then after the fact Steve and Pam were backstabbed and lied about so they are going to be sued as well.

Lorie Johnson:

“See that’s the thing even those who are lying doesn’t even know the whole truth it’s funny everything your telling me is twisted what is being told to you they those who are telling you all this shit is hilarious because they don’t even know what their speaking of ha let them keep talking it will on be held against them for slander false accusations and false information against. They surely do have a good federal and govern case. Lol

9/4/19, 6:06 PM It is your fight Evan .and I don’t want to hear about it. Because people who want to point their fingers at stupid shit and blame people of lies will reap their own ten times fold . Not my business. but I am and will always stand by Steve and Pam Barry’s side.

Paranormal Herald:
“ok I guess it is my fight since there telling folks I am some damned Pedophile not cool. and that is going to be mentioned. I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid of some damned audit why is pam calling all sorts of folks crazy stuff, but I stated its out of my hands and whom ever is complaining it is up to them and always was.

Chat Conversation End

Paranormal Herald:

After we voiced our opinions as to why would she support some body, who is suspected of charity fraud. It was then when her eagle claws and talons came out after us. She even posted another scammers private blog calling me A pedophile and was damned proud of doing such.  it had been seen all over her page and psychic pages.As if that was going to deter us from posting the truth? I guess her so called psychic abilities did not  guide her to what would happen, when she insulted, named called and socially dropped the old pedophile bomb, what it would be like. Apparently now, she is even to the very day whining about posts we made, when in fact, we have been merely answering hers.

Lorie has claimed a woman, had given us said information, when in fact we got it ourselves. Lorie is so psychic, she forgot ,that her page is seeable by ours because she didn’t block us.


What I can not understand, is how she(Lorie) can blame Patty Blatt for things she has not done? She accuses Patty of making some stupid Rip-off report and naming her. Again her psychic super powers eluded the truth there as well. How I can be sure of Patty having no part in anything,is the woman that did it, came forward and even stated she did it. So falsely accusing folks makes you look shall we say just stupid.


Ok back to lories rude comments and her constant need for attention.The following are her screenshots of her recent posting. Lorie speaks, that she was never our friends and I am good with that, but prior you can see she stated something far different when she was not being challenged.

Again for the record, why was she being challenged? because she defended questionable people and even endorsed them to A point, we had to defriend her. Something was off and my gut feeling, was it may have disrupted her psychic pay check.

Lorie speaks about ignorance.Keep in mind I am not charging people to  talk to there dead relatives either. It is a slippery slope to charge anyone, wanting to have that last word from a relative or deceased friend.

A long time friend and one of a few psychics I have had the pleasure to know, stated this about psychics.

Unknown source.

“Psychics are very real, but their work is done in a much more subtle manner and is typically not sold to a television audience. Living beings are constructed from energy. A legitimate psychic focuses on reading this energy, as opposed to someone who is just trying to use people’s thirst for knowledge to get rich quick.

The article that finalized the deal of disapproval,from none other then Cleo johnson:

Long time friend and alleged psychic, now claims she is the Mosiah or prophet.
By Evan Jensen
I have had a running paranormal talk show off and on for many years. I have endorsed people,  as it comes with the nature of the beast. What I can not fully wrap my head around, is how some of these past so called friends, have literally become paranormal funny tunes. They are societies bottom dwellers. The very ones, who live every day A lie
I had spoken to A criminal law student major, still in school, she and I were talking one day about these so called psychics and what the law should do to criminally nail them. She explained it has been A serious issue since before the ectoplasm cases from years ago. How ever phony fortune tellers have been around for many years.
Fake psychics who work online or by phone are highly skilled business people, and psychic readings make up a 22-billion-dollar-a-year industry. This industry draws in customers and keeps them paying for guidance from strangers who sell themselves—without any proof—as specially gifted beings with answers about the unknown and the future.
Staggering facts right!
Fake psychics—be they shamans, astro-clairvoyants, mediums, rune readers, phone psychics, numerologists, or intuitive astrologers—often feed their clients these lines, and clients believe them and pay to hear more:
Your troubles come from a previous life, and for money, I can fix that.
I have never seen a chart (or numbers, or an aura) like yours. You are exceptional.
You are under an evil influence or a black-magic spell and I can fix that.
I guarantee to return your ex to you.
I am a 100% proven psychic.
In your previous life, you were royalty, a movie star, or died in the Holocaust.
I sense a dead person is trying to contact you.
Love and money are coming your way, but you need me to guide you and tell you what to do and when.
I saw you in a vision (or a dream).
Buying my magic talismans or crystals will help you.
I need money to travel to a place (often France) where I can do an occult ritual to help you.
Bad things will happen if you refuse my services.
Someone important to you has the initial “R.”
I have read for the rich and famous.
You are surrounded by enemies; I am your only true friend.
I inherited my psychic powers from my ancestors.
She is an Actor and I use that term loosely, Lorie Johnson has once again either been at the drinking party, or maybe the other way around, maybe she fell off the wagon again. Her recent posts claiming to be the prophet was somewhat over the top,since the only thing she has predicted, is that she will back and endorse anyone giving her a check,even if it means her own said reputation..
It is very disturbing to see. Perhaps some social help will help? perhaps not.
These days one can claim, damned near anything, but truth told, Lorie Johnson’s claims are a little over the top. Still I doubt very much her claims will land her favors in Sheperdstown.
I remembered having her on our show, during the shows we were always polite and even after. If I did not agree with her. I never let it known. I was as they say, quite nice to her. Regardless if her predictions were awful and let me tell yah, they most assuredly were always wrong. But after this past year seeing her go from being that Hollywood psychic to this, it changed a lot of things for me.
I think the song is playing in my head “and some people are crazy”.





MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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